What SolePath means to me…

What is SolePath

If you are wondering whether SolePath can truly help you feel happier, here’s what some members of our SolePath community have to say.
Svend is a hockey coach and life coach, Vanessa a doctor of acupuncture, Kristine an engineer, Jerilyn an interior designer and Mario a Qi Gong teacher. Here’s what SolePath means to them …

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A radio interview with Dr. Janice Brown, on becoming a better parent to her children, Isabelle and Brianna.

Being a GREAT parent

An interview with Dr. Janice Brown on parenting and how to find tools that really help with communicating with her children. How to become a better parent to her children, to find more breathing room in the day-to-day challenges.

“Knowing my children’s SolePath really helps and changes the interaction between us all.”

Solving problems, understanding behaviour, feeling happier. SolePath and your children.

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