Who is the Intuitive Creator?

People with an Intuitive SolePath are inherently fun and full.

This means that you are an intuitive person, who is positive and playful, full of ideas and one who needs physical activity.

Your superpower is your Sixth Sense.

Special gifts and greatness of
the Intuitive Creator:

full of beautiful ideas and creativity, one who is sensitive

Intuitive Creator

As an Intuitive Creator, you are a beautiful ideas person. Your beautiful ideas may manifest as physical things, or may be beautiful conversations, beautiful interactions with others or beautiful experiences. You have an extraordinary ability to manifest original, beautiful creations. Your actions speak louder than your words and you are a sensitive, sometimes serious, naturally reserved and quiet person. You have a strong set of values and pursue your own unique goals.

Your core energy as an Intuitive Creator is: creating beauty and manifesting ideas. This core energy represents those positive core values deep within you that create an expansion of your energy; that create positive knowing.

Being an Intuitive Creator means finding ways to make our world more beautiful; your life purpose is to leave our world more beautiful. Your very presence makes the world more beautiful and you have an uncanny ability to explore and share ideas that leave others feeling more beautiful. There is no limit to your creative ideas that include beautiful personal style, beautiful spaces and environments, beautiful experiences. Your greatest fulfillment is creating beauty in the world.

Intuitive Creator

As a dark Intuitive Creator, you are just as likely to be full of CREATIVITY, have BEAUTIFUL IDEAS and be SENSITIVE (all the LightPath characteristics), as you are to take on the collapsing behaviour.

Check out the LightPath Intuitive Creator first and then continue with the DarkPath.

The core energy for the dark Intuitive Creator is dissatisfaction. Being chronically dissatisfied with your life and acting in an uncompromising and unfeeling manner.