Who is the Intuitive Builder?

People with an Intuitive SolePath are inherently fun and full.

This means that you are an intuitive person, who is positive and playful, full of ideas and one who needs physical activity.

Your superpower is your Sixth Sense.

Special gifts and greatness of
the Intuitive Builder:

full of practical ideas for community,
one who is emotional

Intuitive Builder

As an Intuitive Builder, you are a practical ideas person. You have an extraordinary ability to see the possibilities, to know the end result and how everything fits together. You form things into something better, you organize and connect. You make things happen. You are a tireless ideas person who is also emotional.

Your core energy as an Intuitive Builder is: seeing possibilities and creating abundance. This core energy represents those positive core values deep within you that create an expansion of your energy; that create positive knowing.

Being an Intuitive Builder means finding ways to manifest your ideas and networking and connecting people for shared opportunities. It means understanding that you are an emotional yet loving person who is always on the look out for the next building block; the next piece of your puzzle. Your greatest fulfillment in seeing your ideas become reality is sharing the abundance of wealth and happiness with others.

Intuitive Builder

As a dark Intuitive Builder, you are just as likely to be full of PRACTICAL IDEAS, build COMMUNITY and be EMOTIONAL (all the LightPath characteristics), as you are to take on the collapsing behaviour.

Check out the LightPath Intuitive Builder first and then continue with the DarkPath.

The core energy for the dark Intuitive Builder is dark, uncaring mood swings. Making too much of being a deep, complex person and generally feeling discontented with life.