My Red Door – life choices

“So that you have the ability to be the ultimate creator. All of the potential exist … From that, you must make your choices. You will create a joyful, loving life outcome if you choose your light.”~

Seth, our SolePath Guide


This morning was forecast to be a bit warm. I opened my front door planning to pull out some weeds in the front yard. But the air smelled too cool even in the sun, so I paused, standing at my door threshold feeling the cooling air coming at me while my furnace pumped out warm air to balance the disequilibrium that I had created. What do I do now?

In an instant, many possible scenarios ran through my head. I suddenly felt an infinite number of doors, so red, just like the outside of my front door, lined up within the sphere of my heart space. Stretching to no end in all directions. This made me dizzy. I had to hold onto the door frame to steady myself. As the clear sight returned to my eyes, I was staring at the very redness of my front door, wide open at my right side. How many doors have I opened and closed, or simply left open?

Each time I opened a door, where did it lead me and what did I leave behind? How many doors in a day go through my hands? Bedroom door, bathroom door, kitchen door, front door, back door, yard door, car door, building door, office door, C-train door, and then there are gates to public or private spaces, restaurants, coffee shops, malls, parking lots…they all seem to open different segments of experience of the day. Some experiences might be pleasant like that good cup of coffee while others not so much, like those crumbs on the kitchen floor and the guy rushing beside me in the mall.  

Even though it felt so automatically done, just like a subconscious cough reacting to a too big gulp of water, I have chosen all that, haven’t I?  Each day went down so similar to the next, so similar that I had forgotten that I had to make each and every single decision to open each and every of those doors. To live each and every similar life experience. But they are my life experiences, experiences that contain people, relationships, emotions, ups and downs.

If I went back inside now, would my weeds grow a bit too much for me tomorrow? If I stepped outside instead, would I still enjoy the elimination of the weeds, eye sore to me in the presence of the green grass and blooming flowers? What should I choose away from or choose towards? Which side of the door at this moment would yield a better feeling for me?

How many times do we go through life in autopilot mode and face scenarios just like this insignificant choice at my door threshold? Going outside to fight the weeds or coming back inside for a warm cup of tea? Do we know why we make the choices we make?  

Every decision is a doorway then, and at least to me, it is invisible. In the sphere of my life experience, only I have the absolute right to decide what to experience in each moment. It is ok to leave the door shut if the light on the other side seemed a bit too bright and the air is a bit cooler. Constant room temperature on this side is comfortable and familiar. But don’t forget that doors are made so we can welcome the new. We are here to experience life in all its similarities and differences, from the old and the new.

Remember to open the door of your life, to choose towards the better feelings, and better experiences, every step of the way, moment by moment.

I think I will go outside in another hour when the sun has risen a few degrees higher in the sky. What choices will you make today?

Insights by Jessie Shen-Huxley, SolePath certified mentor and SolePath energy analyst. Jessie’s SolePath is Spiritual Mystic and Intuitive Hunter, dark Inspirational Conformist.

Meiko’s Pet Energetic Personality Imprint is Cool Intellectual and Physical Intuitive.

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