SolePath, your FastTrack to Happiness.

Discover your unique, individual
Energetic Personality Profile

Everyone is born with a SolePath.

Sole’ because it is solely about you. ‘Path’ because it guides you on your life’s journey.

SolePath is your guide to a beautiful life, filled with happiness, peace, joy, love, purpose and meaning. Your SolePath answers the question “Who am I?”

the SolePath book of knowledge, dr. debra ford msc.d
The SolePath Book of Knowledge by Dr. Debra Ford Msc.D

Your SoleNumbers are your energetic guide to purpose; your FastTrack to living your best life. SoleNumbers answer the question “What am I doing here?”

solenumbers book of wisdom, dr. debra ford msc.d
SoleNumbers Book of Wisdom - Energetic Guide to Purpose by Dr. Debra Ford Msc.D


Your Downright Amazing SOLEnumber

Your FastTrack to Purpose

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There is a part you are to play
that no one else can play;

a life you are to live
that no one else can live.

What is SolePath?

SolePath answers the question “Who Am I?”.

Find your way if you are feeling lost or stuck. Walk away from stress and anxiety. Leave behind your doubts and fears. Release the struggle and relieve your exhaustion by flowing downstream. SolePath helps you find your purpose, create positive change in your life, be a better parent, enjoy happier relationships, acquire the best career and more.
SolePath, your FastTrack to happiness.

SolePath provides the ultimate in self-awareness, it connects you to your gifts and greatness,
and is your unique individual Energetic Personality Profile.

What is my next best step?

Discover your SolePath, you need pay only what you feel able to give.

Your donation includes a FREE conversation with a SolePath Certified Mentor
to help you connect with your unique, personal, individual gifts and greatness.

I know my SolePath
– my LightPaths and DarkPath –
now what?


Study the material independently and sift through the tons of free information on this website and our blog.

You can also take advantage of your own personal and dedicated SolePath Membership account for only $10/month, which focuses on your LightPaths, your DarkPath and your governing SoleNumber.

Your account gives you online access to everything you need to know about your SolePath. Videos, audios, documents, meditations, metaphysical tools and more. Your SolePath membership account is all about YOU.


Have a conversation with a SolePath Certified Mentor.

Book an individual session or choose to jump into the 9-step mentoring process that will take you through the ins and outs of your two LightPaths, your DarkPath, and your governing SoleNumber. 

The SolePath Institute provides many tools and facilities, including one-on-one counselling, workshops, and training programs. Call us for more information, we just love to have SolePath conversations: 403.603.0800 or email

This is where SolePath is no longer just theory, it becomes a vital part of your life’s journey.

Dive In

Are you feeling called to a career in spiritual service? It’s time to explore the Academy of Inner Wisdom, SolePath’s educational division.

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Training programs encompass the philosophical study of the Tao, SolePath and modern Metaphysics; and the career opportunities these studies provide.

Learn how to guide other spiritual seekers through the SolePath body of knowledge.

SolePath Metaphysical Philosopher Training: Are you intrigued by Personality and Human Behaviour? Do you believe that it is possible to unlock true potential? Would you like to embark on an exciting journey of self-discovery and spiritual expansion? Do you describe yourself as a lightworker, energy healer, life coach, teacher, or service-oriented entrepreneur; a kind and caring person on the leading edge of consciousness? Dive into the world of SolePath and modern metaphysics and unlock your true potential.

Our SolePath Metaphysical Philosopher curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of spiritually inclined individuals with insightful and perceptive gifts. It empowers you to blend your SolePath knowledge with diverse modalities and skill sets you already possess. Become a service-oriented entrepreneur on the leading edge of consciousness! 

Our Celebrant and Spiritual Practitioner Training was born out of a deep need for training that combines the spiritual and practical aspects of the passages of life. Learn how to perform ceremonies – including weddings and funerals – and to provide spiritual support, in your own community. As metaphysical clergy, you will dedicate your life to contributing to the joy in the lives of others, outside of the confines of doctrine. 

Study the application of Feng Shui and Space Clearing methods to maintain health and balance in your home and office. When you move the energy outside of you, you move the energy within – and life becomes happier.

The Academy of Inner Wisdom has a study program for you.

SolePath Podcast – The Butterfly Cafe

SolePath Books

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What are others saying?

It’s been more than 10 years that I’ve known my SolePath and have been a part of the extraordinary community.

My paths are now a part of my identity; learning them changed my life and resulted in a major career shift within about a year. I am so grateful for the SolePath tools, blog, mentors and SoleHealing as they are always there to help me expand my perspective and energy.

Recently, I learned my partner’s SolePath and it’s just made so much sense! It helps me understand his needs, gifts and the path to his greatness; and, it offers me the peace of mind knowing what actions offer him his greatest expansion.

We recently got engaged and I am so grateful to move forward knowing I am with someone where we have the tools to truly support one another’s light, and experience the gifts of knowing our SolePaths, what it means for us and the world we contribute to.

Thank you Dr. Debra❤️

Liz: Inspirational Manager, Compassionate Healer and Dark Intellectual Expert  

SolePath provides support and guidance, helping you find purpose, create positive change in your life,
be a better parent, enjoy happier relationships, acquire your best career and more.