Charismatic Category

People with a Charismatic SolePath are inherently bright and aware.

They are a charismatic person who is brave, sensing, always growing and independent.

Paths within the Charismatic category are Adventurer, Gladiator, Influencer, Leader and Performer.

Charismatic LightPaths

Charismatics are the world’s sparkle people. You simply light up our world.

With your outgoing sensing and perception, just like a bat, you are able to interpret the returning echoes from life. You respond to people, places, and experiences by how you sense the world is responding to you. You use others as a mirror for yourself and have an innate sense of how people are reacting to you. You interpret the returning echoes and reflect back what you sense.

Your ability to judge situations keeps you safe because you are an incredible judge of character, and you rarely make mistakes in your assessments. You get into difficulty when you don’t trust this or allow the opinions of others to get in the way.

Charismatic DarkPaths

When you are living your Charismatic category from a place of collapsed energy, the overall negative attitude is selfishness and a sense that it is really only about you.

You could easily delight us and light up our world or use your big energy to shut out the light – even with the full knowing of what the impact is on those around you. You could use your incredible outgoing sensing and perception to amuse and enchant us, or to justify aggressive behaviour toward others.

Yet, when you are experiencing your Charismatic category from a place of expanded energy, you contribute to our world with your sparkle, your light, and your energy. You are fun and just make us all feel good.

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Charismatic Sun Children

Children with a Charismatic SolePath are our Sun Children, and they are bright and aware.

The Sun is a star around which the planets revolve, and Sun Children have a way of being dazzling and the centre of attention. 

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Daily Reminders of Your Charismatic SolePath