What SolePath means to me…

What is SolePath

If you are wondering whether SolePath can truly help you feel happier, here’s what some members of our SolePath community have to say.
Svend is a hockey coach and life coach, Vanessa a doctor of acupuncture, Kristine an engineer, Jerilyn an interior designer and Mario a Qi Gong teacher. Here’s what SolePath means to them …

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SolePath featured on NASDAQ MarketSite and in Times Square, New York.

SolePath media and publicity

In 2018 SolePath was featured on the NASDAQ MarketSite and in 2019 on billboards in Times Square, New York.

Dr. Debra Ford and Reverend Deneen Justason, at the helm of SolePath, have creatively dictated the company’s unique direction since day one. Their recent foray into online advertising, big location advertising (Times Square billboards) and planting themselves firmly within the global news cycle has all but cemented their place in the pantheon of powerful and forward thinking organizations determining the future in tandem.

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