SolePath Weddings

“Today is a public declaration of Eric and Lindsey’s love and commitment to each other, the purpose of their marriage is to make their life together more joyful.Today is an acknowledgment that Eric and Lindsey have decided to live the rest of their years together as husband and wife. You are here today to witness this commitment and to participate in this celebration.”

A SolePath Wedding

It is our privilege to offer spiritual wedding ceremonies. Ceremonies that, as a couple, reflect your values and beliefs. Ceremonies that celebrate who you are as individuals and as a couple. Ceremonies that acknowledge two people in love who wish to commit themselves in a sacred union. Ceremonies that easily include the love of friends and family.

We will also work with you to create your sacred wedding vows – the promise you make to each other, a promise filled with dreams.

SolePath clergy

The loving, caring and supportive clergy, who work out of the SolePath Institute, will provide the structure and ritual for your wedding ceremony. They will work closely with you to create a ceremony that you will treasure for your lifetime. A ceremony crafted for you as a unique couple. SolePath clergy are graduates of a rigorous training program, are ordained by the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry (CIMM) and are registered with the government of Alberta.

What we do

We provide modern, non-traditional weddings for all couples, including same sex. We honour and respect all faiths and denominations. Your ceremony will be customized to meet your spiritual expectation.

We understand that your wedding ceremony is a rite of passage that begins your life together. We know that your wedding room will be filled with love – your love and the love of your friends and family. We understand that this is a unique, memory filled moment for you both and an experience that you will remember for your lifetime.

SolePath Institute

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Rev. Carrie-Ann Baron, SolePath certified mentor and wedding officiant.

Specializing in Tao weddings and Tao wedding vow renewals in Alberta, Canada.

Rev. Carrie-Ann’s SolePath is Spiritual Warrior and Spiritual Balance. Her core values are going with the flow and living with grace and integrity. Her governing SoleNumber category is SolePlan – All of Life and the energy is all about mastery and guidance.

Rev. Carrie-Ann blends her knowledge and life experience to guide her client’s on how to trust their intuition and connection to source by cultivating a relationship with their healing angels and non-physical guides.

“My purpose is to guide others to self-empowerment and spiritual journey.”

In addition to her training as a SolePath Reverend, practitioner and mentor; she is also a Master-Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), mindset mentor and also brings a wealth of knowledge from her 23 year career working in the corporate world..

Rev. Kristine Morgan, SolePath certified mentor and wedding officiant. Specializing in weddings in Calgary, Banff and Canmore Alberta, Canada

Kristine’s SolePath is as a Spiritual Mystic and Spiritual Warrior. 

Her core values are being authentic and living a life of integrity. She helps others connect with this energy and supports the belief system inside you to be your best self. Kristine offers this coaching to couples and family members in her practice.

I can help make your wedding day a special day and will work with you to ensure that the ceremony is actually how you’ve always wanted it. We can customize your wedding vows to make it more personalized.

Rev. Loraleigh Peterson, SolePath certified mentor, wedding officiant and end of life ceremonies.

Specializing in weddings in southern Alberta, Canada.

Loraleigh’s SolePath is as a Intuitive Creator and Compassionate Healer.
As a Intuitive Creater her core energy is creating beauty and manifesting ideas. She is an ideas person and her actions speak louder than words.
As a Compassionate Healer her core energy is helping with the healing of people, animals or the planet; fixing what is wrong. She helps alleviate pain and suffering and brings wholeness and health by connecting with who ever is in her presence.

My passion is in helping people be creative and becoming aware of how great they are. My joy is in helping people reach for their next best step.

Rev. Maria Makysymytz, SolePath certified mentor and wedding officiant.

Specializing in weddings in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Maria’s SolePath is a triple Spiritual: Spiritual Balance, Spiritual Mystic and Spiritual Warrior.
As a Spiritual Balance, Maria’s core energy involves going with the flow and living with grace. Her core values include a spiritual focus, appreciating nature, accepting difference in others and having a genuine love of people.
As a Spiritual Mystic, Maria’s core energy is Spirituality and Connection. Her core values are being passionate about exploring and promoting belief in something bigger than ourselves, being highly intuitive, inspiring and teaching others how to connect with Source Energy, knowing answers to life’s fundamental questions and having a talent for communication.

“ Maria has been on a spiritual quest and her passion is to be in service to illuminate, inspire, empower and transform lives.”

Rev. Mario Argento, SolePath certified mentor and wedding officiant.

Specializing in weddings in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Mario’s SolePath is an Intuitive Builder and Spiritual Mystic.
As an Intuitive Builder his core energy is seeing possibilities and creating abundance. He has an extraordinary ability to see the possibilities, to know the end result and how everything fits together.

Mario’s passion is in helping people increase their happiness and amplify their life force by keeping the body, mind and spirit healthy.

Mario has emerged as one of today’s most accessible and accomplished teachers of Qigong in Calgary and has studied and practiced several energy healing modalities.

He understands the need to combine Qigong and natural healing principles into ones daily routine to counter the stress of modern day work environment and keep the body, mind and spirit healthy.

Mario is available throughout the week for private sessions.

Rev. Natasha Mott, SolePath certified mentor and wedding officiant. Specializing in weddings in Calgary, Alberta and Toronto, Ontario. 

Natasha’s SolePath is compassionate facilitator and spiritual mystic.

My gift is the gift of listening and non-judgment. I believe in empowering people by giving them tools and understanding to live their life with purpose. I believe that the two most important days of our lives are the day we are born and the day we find out why.

My passion is working within your Akashic Records to help you navigate both the light and dark of your SolePath.

We look at purpose and the script on your wall to help you with your LightPaths. We also dive into past lives to see mastered abilities and your DarkPath and how they will help you support your light.

I would love to work with you to help you create the life you were born to live.