SolePath pet energetic personality imprint (PEPI)

For people, SolePath is who you are born to be. It is your guide to a beautiful life, filled with happiness, peace, joy, love, purpose, meaning. For your pets, SolePath is a little different. It is how they interact with you in an individual, predetermined and predictable way; it is their ‘pet energetic personality imprint’, their PEPI. Read more about each PEPI here.

Request your pet’s Pet Energetic Personality Profile (PEPI) and pay only what you feel able to give.

Knowing your animal’s SolePath PEPI is a wonderful way to understand the most joyful way in which you can live, love and play together.

We can determine the PEPI, the pet energetic personality imprint, of dogs, cats, horses, pigs and rabbits.

These are the top ten reasons you will love knowing the SolePath PEPI of your pet …

10. Life for you and your pet just gets better, better, better and you will have made your pet so happy that you know their SolePath.

9. You understand the most joyful way in which you and your animal can live, love and play together

8. Your pet helps you shift from your DarkPath to your LightPaths, reconnecting you to your wisdom

7. Knowing your SolePath and knowing your animal’s PEPI, creates a timeless bond between you

6. Motivate, cherish and comfort your pet in the way that they respond to best

5. Support, care and feed your pet in the best possible way

4. Your SolePath and your pet’s PEPI allow you to develop your own, private way to communicate

3. Create a routine that is joyful and encourages behaviour that is an energetic personality match

2. Discover navigation tools that help you make the best decisions in your relationship with your pet

1. Pet energetic personality imprint (PEPI) makes your pet’s life as joyful as possible and in return allows them to make your life more joyful too.

When you know PEPI

The SolePath Institute is involved in this PEPI work because we want to do all we can to help animals in their relationships with humans; to make their lives better; to help them be treated better; to give owners the opportunity to do the very best for their unique pets.

Knowing your pet’s energetic personality profile (PEPI) enables a joyful interaction for the animal and for you, the caregiver. Your pet’s life is made as joyful as possible and in return they are able to make your life and the lives of all they live with joyful too. Animals contribute to your life in so many ways and SolePath PEPI provides insights allowing you to respond to their energetic needs.

A SolePath PEPI is analyzed in the same way as a person, using a photograph and completed with the same care by our SolePath certified energy analysts, at the Calgary SolePath Institute.

Your animal has three energetically expanding SolePath PEPI categories specific to them, they do not have a collapsing DarkPath. Every animal has a connecting spiritual SolePath; every animal is a spiritual guide. An animal’s connecting spiritual PEPI is braided with two other PEPI’s; the emotional charismatic, the caring compassionate, the responsible inspirational, the cool intellectual or the physical intuitive. This braid is their own unique PEPI, their special pet energetic personality imprint. You always knew that they are special, that they have a unique personality, and you are right. You can learn more about each PEPI category here.

Pets and love

Pets are your companions and the collaboration between the animal energy and the human energy is the perfect example of how you can shift your focus from ‘me’ to ‘us’. They teach you how to care for and love another being, and in return love you unconditionally.

Pets come to earth with a spiritual connection and they maintain this connection when they are in loving and caring human relationships. They show you how to live with balance and flow, they teach you mystical connection, they live with integrity and dedication.

Every pet is spiritual and has a connection to the field of energy. In your everyday, busy life when you are in your DarkPath you lose your connection to source energy and pets help you shift into your LightPaths and reconnect to your wisdom. They fulfill many roles in your life – particularly spiritual guide.


Remember all animals have a spiritual path and because of their spiritual connection, they can and do love to ‘talk’ with their caregiver. Begin a conversation with them about their SolePath pet energetic personality imprint (PEPI). Tell your pet that you know their SolePath PEPI and ask for inspiration on how you can make their life more joyful. Let them know how they can best make your life more joyful by sharing your personal, unique SolePath with them. Use their PEPI and your SolePath to develop your own, private language.

Click on the paw print button to request your beloved pet’s SolePath PEPI. Pay only what you feel able to give.

This SolePath knowing is the perfect complement to the tools and techniques used by animal behavior consultants, or for anyone working to create a better life for your own beloved pets.

Every animal has a spiritual path. Every animal is a spiritual guide.

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