Inspirational Category

People with an Inspirational SolePath are inherently powerful and free.

They are an inspirational person who has strength, creates order and connections and values freedom.

The paths within the Inspirational category are Conformist, Humanitarian, Manager and Teacher.

Inspirational LightPaths

Inspirationals are the world’s role models. You respond to the world by wanting to fill a perceived need. As an Inspirational, you ask, “What does the world need and how can I provide it?” and “What do you need, and how can I help?”

You have an innate sense of responsibility to yourself, to others and to the community, and look at what is needed by both individuals and the group at large.

Inspirational SolePaths have the same role as the bones of the body; you provide the structure, the skeleton, the framework for society.

This does not mean that your own needs are lost in your desire to be of service, but rather that through your personal learning and experience you feel great empathy with the needs of others and then take action.

You inspire us by the way you live your own life and have a great capacity for getting things done to help others.

Inspirational DarkPaths

When you are experiencing your Inspirational category from a place of collapsed energy, the overall negative attitude is entitlement and demand that others obey you.

You feel that you are the only one who sees what the world needs, and you are certain that your opinions are the only ones that are right.

You are intolerant and demand that others look up to you and in the same breath when you aren’t obeyed, complain that you get no support.

Yet, when you are experiencing your Inspirational category from a place of expanded energy, you are pretty amazing as you have this deep desire to work towards making a difference in the world.

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Inspirational Cosmic Children

Children with an Inspirational SolePath are our Cosmic Children, and they are powerful and free.

Cosmic means the orderly system of the universe, and Cosmic Children focus on making things happen in an organized and efficient way. 

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