Who is the Charismatic Leader?

People with a Charismatic SolePath are inherently bright and aware.

You are a charismatic person who is brave, sensing, always growing and independent.

Your superpower is your Sparkle.

Special gifts and greatness of
the Charismatic Leader:

a front-runner who is magnetic and energetic

Charismatic Leader

As a Charismatic Leader, you show others the way by your example. You are charismatic, believable and fun to be around. Your excitement about life is infectious. You understand people, their attitudes and motivation and have an incredible ability to think on your feet.

Your core energy as a Charismatic Leader is leading others and sparkle and charisma. This core energy represents those positive core values deep within you that create an expansion of your energy; that create positive outcomes.

Being a Charismatic Leader means being born to lead – you simple gather a crowd. A bit like the movie character Forest Gump who decided to run and turned around to find that he had gathered a full following. They didn’t know why he was running, or where he was going – but they simply felt drawn to follow him. That’s a born leader.

Charismatic Leader

As a dark Charismatic Leader, you are just as likely to be a FRONT-RUNNER, who is ENERGETIC and MAGNETIC (all the LightPath characteristics), as you are to take on the collapsing behaviour.

Check the LightPath Charismatic Leader first and then continue with the DarkPath.

The core energy for the dark Charismatic Leader is leading others astray. Feeling that it is their fault if they follow me and not really caring where they end up. Stretching the rules and not really thinking things through.