A SolePath Celebration of Life

The Life Celebration is a beautiful and respectful way to honour a loved one who has  died.  It gives families the freedom to choose what is appropriate for them and their loved ones.

Our clergy will help you plan a meaningful Life Celebration for your loved one and officiate the funeral service when the time comes.

SolePath clergy

The loving, caring and supportive clergy, who work out of the SolePath Institute, will provide the structure and ritual for your Celebration of Life ceremony. They will work closely with you to create a ceremony that you will treasure for your lifetime.  

What we do

It is our privilege to offer spiritual (but non-religious) funerals and afterlife celebration ceremonies. Ceremonies that, reflect your family values and beliefs.

SolePath Institute

email: answers@solepath.org
phone: 1.877.866.2086 and 1.403.998.0191

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Rev. Loraleigh Peterson, SolePath certified mentor, Certified funeral celebrant (Life Celebrants of Canada), Certified wedding officiant.

Specializing in End of Life Ceremonies throughout Alberta.

Loraleigh’s SolePath is Intuitive Creator and Compassionate Healer. As an Intuitive Creator her core energy is creating beauty and manifesting ideas. She is an ideas person and her actions speak louder than words. This SolePath helps her, help you, put together the best ceremony for you and your loved ones, following the wishes of the family.

As a Compassionate Healer her core energy is helping with the healing of people, animals and the planet; fixing what is wrong. She helps alleviate pain and suffering and brings wholeness and health by connecting with whoever is in her presence. This SolePath helps her, help you, your family and friends deal with the passing.

“I work with any style of celebration. Funeral homes. Seniors homes. Family inspired celebrations. I am available day or night for a consultation. Fees very depending on the amount of time and travel required.” Loraleigh

“Loraleigh is positive, uplifting and inspirational in all that she does.”

Rev. Kristine Morgan, SolePath certified mentor and End of Life officiant. Specializing in funerals in Calgary, Banff and Canmore Alberta, Canada

Kristine’s SolePath is as a Spiritual Mystic and Spiritual Warrior.


Her core values are being authentic and living a life of integrity. She helps others connect with this energy and supports the belief system inside you to be your best self. Kristine offers this coaching to couples and family members in her practice.

I can help make the end of life celebration for your loved one, memorable.