Spiritual category

Spirituals are conceptual, impressionistic, auditory learners who thrive in an abstract and somewhat unstructured environment.

Spirituals love to listen, but need to be encouraged to participate with others in the classroom or they will remain in their own little world.

Spirituals enjoy a wide range of content and exposure to multiple ideas and concepts will keep them engaged.

Spiritual LightPaths

Your life experience is exploring beliefs and ‘what others cannot see’ from this physical perspective.

Spiritual LightPaths need to make time to nourish their spiritual connection through meditation and prayer.

You push the boundaries of metaphysical beliefs, much like the Intellectual SolePaths push the boundaries of logic and knowledge.

You can trust your connection.

You are a spiritual explorer and your beliefs will change over the course of your lifetime.

You enjoy the exploration of existing religious and spiritual beliefs as you create your own ideas around faith and the meaning of life.

Spiritual DarkPaths

With a Spiritual DarkPath you are dogmatic about your own beliefs.

Not only do you feel that your beliefs are the only ones that are right, you struggle to see life from another’s perspective.

With a Spiritual DarkPath, the overall negative attitude is superiority.

You find yourself playing the role of a judgmental observer, standing on the sidelines of life, not participating yet judging others as wrong. It would be great fun for you to get in the game. Really!

When you are experiencing your Spiritual category from a place of expanded energy, you contribute to our world with your spiritual exploring, you make it okay for us to believe in something ‘bigger than ourselves’, you push the boundaries of belief.


Your gift to the world is showing us how to go with the flow.


Your gift to the world is your spiritual exploration.


Your gift to the world is dedication to your spiritual cause.

SolePath Membership Academy

When you request your SolePath reading, you will receive access to the SolePath Membership Academy.

Your personal SolePath membership account helps you understand who you are born to be and life just gets happier.

Your membership gives you online access to everything you need to know about your SolePath. Videos, audios, documents, meditations, metaphysical tools and more.

Your SolePath membership is all about YOU.

Your Spiritual Child

Children with a Spiritual SolePath are our Celestial Children, and they are strong, steady and wise.

Celestial is heavenly and divine, and Celestial Children have a focus on the abstract and sublime.

Tools for the Spirituals

Find the tools to support your Spiritual energy in the SolePantry.

Seth Speaks about the Spiritual SolePath

In every moment of every day, in every situation, you are faced with choices. All of these choices have an outcome, or behaviour. This is one of the fundamental questions of life:
‘Who will I be in relation to what is going on around me?’

Every thought, feeling, action, is a choice.

– Seth

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