Spiritual Category

People with a Spiritual SolePath are inherently strong, steady and wise.

They are spiritual observers who are wise, have faith and are mystical explorers.

The paths within the Spiritual category are Balance, Mystic and Warrior.

Spiritual LightPaths

Spirituals’ life experience is exploring beliefs and ‘what others cannot see’ from this physical perspective. To do this, Spirituals need to make time to nourish their spiritual connection through meditation and prayer.

As a Spiritual SolePath, you push the boundaries of metaphysical beliefs, much like the Intellectual SolePaths push the boundaries of logic and knowledge.

As a Spiritual, you can trust your connection. Because you are a spiritual explorer, your beliefs will change over the course of your lifetime. You enjoy the exploration of existing religious and spiritual beliefs as you create your own ideas around faith and the meaning of life.

Spiritual DarkPaths

When you are experiencing your Spiritual category from a place of collapsed energy, the overall negative attitude is superiority. You are dogmatic about your own beliefs and completely unaccepting about the beliefs of others.

Not only do you feel that your beliefs are the only ones that are right, you are unwilling to look at another’s perspective. It doesn’t matter whether your beliefs are fundamental religion or the most liberal spirituality – your way is the right way.

You are a judgmental observer, standing on the sidelines of life, not participating yet judging others as wrong. It would be great fun to get in the game.

Yet, when you are experiencing your Spiritual category from a place of expanded energy, you contribute to our world with your spiritual exploring, you make it okay for us to believe in something ‘bigger than ourselves’, you push the boundaries of belief.

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Spiritual Celestial Children

Children with a Spiritual SolePath are our Celestial Children, and they are strong, steady and wise. 

Celestial is heavenly and divine, and Celestial Children have a focus on the abstract and sublime.

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Daily Reminders of Your Spiritual SolePath