An Interview with Rev. Carrie-Ann. An intimate look into her spiritual SolePath journey.

Thank you Rev. Carrie-Ann, for sharing yourself with us! We appreciate you. Rev. Carrie-Ann runs a very successful spiritual practice, providing mentoring services that include SolePath.

“Hi, and thank you so much for the opportunity to connect with the SolePath community today! I have a triple spiritual SolePath. My LightPaths are Spiritual Balance and Spiritual Warrior. My DarkPath is Spiritual Mystic.” Rev. Carrie-Ann Baron. 

Tell us about the path that brought you to SolePath.

Oh wow, that might take a while…  How about I share the condensed version with you! Lol 😊   In 2012, my entire world changed when I lost my corporate job in a career I had been building for over twenty-three years.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, how I was going to support myself, or who I even was without my job. I felt so lost.

After exploring many spiritual and personal development modalities and becoming certified in three of them. But I still felt like something was missing. No matter what I did, or how I changed the way I lived my life, it felt like I was still ‘attracting’ the same scenarios, situations, and people that either created drama in my life or made me feel unimportant and unworthy.

One evening at a networking event in the fall of 2018, I met Dr. Janice Brown, who shared that she was part of the SolePath Institute. I wasn’t really sure what that meant at the time, but I took her business card.  About six months later, I was looking for a space to rent for one of my workshops and I heard that the SolePath Institute had a room available.  I called them up and spoke with Deneen about it. She said that I could rent the space but before I could, I needed to get my SolePath done so they knew how to best support and communicate with me. 

A week later, I had discovered my SolePath and did it ever resonate. I scheduled my free consult with Dr. Debra to explore it further and quite honestly, my mind was blown! I couldn’t believe everything I was hearing, I literary could see all the pieces falling into place, explaining everything that I had been experiencing (and re-experiencing) in my life. The recurring patterns of failure, of disappointment, of drama. I was hooked and I wanted to know more! 

In the spring of 2019, I signed up for the Tech training and loved it. I went on to complete Level 2 and became a mentor guiding others in 1:1 sessions.  By December 2019, I had completed Level 3, became a member of the SolePath clergy, and started my own metaphysical ministry. 

How did your knowledge of SolePath influence your personal, family, business life?

Great question!

I have experienced improvement in all areas of my life, especially in relationships, because it gave me an understanding of how I’m meant to show up in the world and the confidence to stand in my truth.

Since learning and embracing my SolePath, I have been able to create the life that I have always dreamed about. I attracted into my life an amazing life partner, who accepts and loves me unconditionally.  We have been together for 3 years and have recently purchased our forever home, became engaged and adopted the most amazing puppy from a rescue shelter.  

Sheldon is also a triple spiritual – his lightpaths are Spiritual Balance and Spiritual Warrior. 

Raven’s PEPI is a Cool Intellectual + Physical Intuitive.  

I’ve been able to expand into my spiritual practice and ministry and feel confident in the work I’m doing. My knowledge of SolePath has also helped me recognize when I’m in my dark and has given me powerful tools to break old patterns. Understanding this metaphysical tool and understanding my governing number has been so beneficial. Learning the truth, the real truth, of who I am and how I’m meant to serve has been incredibly liberating. In short, it has empowered me to live my best life.

How do you make SolePath part of your daily life and work?

I use my “I AM” statements to remind me of my gifts and greatness. I plan time in my day to retreat and nurture my connection, I wear the gemstone every day to enhance my spiritual connection, and I have lots of blue (my spiritual colour) in every room of the house, and I’ve incorporated it into my wardrobe. 

My work is centered around SolePath. I help my clients understand their individual SolePath better, and I bring my knowledge of the SolePath categories into my spiritual counselling sessions.

How have you been keeping in touch with your LightPaths since March 2020? Do you have any rituals or practices you would like to share with the community?

Absolutely. I mentioned in the previous question that I say my “I AM” statement every day. I actually have it set as the background on my phone to serve as a reminder of who I am and how I choose to show up in the world:   

“I am spiritual. I am strong, steady and wise and I choose to trust in my life experiences.  I breathe in trust and I breathe out distrust. I breathe in hope, and I breathe out doubt. I know my life plan. I am happy, whole and balanced. I am important and significant. I am happy and healthy. I am grateful for who I am, my connected self and the life I am living.  All is well, I am safe.”

Since March 2020, I have been really leaning into the teaching of SoleIntending and practicing the first step of being grateful for all that I have already attracted into my life.  Taking stock of the good in my life has really supported me during this pandemic.   

I also remind myself that the quarantine is for the greater good of all, and that this is much bigger than just myself. It has reminded us that we are all in this together, and together we can make a difference in the world, for the world. It is our time to work for the world, not against it. I choose to see the joy in the world, and see the world in joy.

I also want to mention that if I’m having a bad day (and we all do), I will visit my SPI membership and click on “Help! Get me out of the dark!” Seth’s wisdom and guidance always helps pick me up and move me into my LightPaths.

How are you sharing your gift with the world?

I have opened up a virtual metaphysical centre called WhiteLight Metaphysical Centre. I believe in living life with ease and happiness is not only possible, but is our natural flow‑state. I help people achieve this by showing them how to connect with their higher selves, the spirit of others, the blessed earth, and the non-physical elements of this world. I offer spiritual counselling, SolePath mentoring, soul psychology mentoring, angelic wisdom, healing circles, study groups, and certified training.   

Visit www.whitelightmetaphysical.com to find out more!  I invite you to click on the button in top right corner to ‘find your best path’ and book a free spiritual session with  me! 

SolePath thank you so much for this opportunity.  The work you are doing is life-changing and I am honoured to be able to share your teaching with the world.  With love, Rev. Carrie-Ann Baron.

Author: The SolePath Institute.

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