Intellectual Category

People with an Intellectual SolePath are inherently inquisitive and connected.

This means that they are an intellectual person who is curious, needs process, is unique and is kind.

The paths within the Intellectual category are Controller, Expert and Lateral Thinker

Intellectual LightPaths

Intellectuals are the great minds of our world.

You respond to the world with logical thought and considerable intelligence. It may be likely that our traditional school system has let you down, so you may not really understand your great mental capacity.

You can trust your ability to think things through and your thought processes are very reliable. There really isn’t anything you can’t solve when you give yourself enough time and put your mind to it.

Your mind points you in the right direction because when you clearly think things through, you always know what to do.

You get into difficulty when you don’t trust this or allow the opinions of others to get in the way.

Intellectual DarkPaths

When you are experiencing your Intellectual category from a place of collapsed energy, the overall negative attitude is arrogance and a feeling that everyone else is an idiot.

You think that you are the only one who is right, and you don’t mind making others feel stupid. You use your considerable intellect to tear down and criticize rather than to build up and create.

You are good with words and instead of using language to make others feel good, you often take on a condescending tone. It takes you a while to realize that saying the same thing, but in a louder more irritated voice, doesn’t usually make what you are saying easier to understand.

Yet, when you are experiencing your Intellectual category from a place of expanding energy, you contribute to our world with your considerable intellect and your amazing ability to think things through.

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Intellectual Star Children

Children with an Intellectual SolePath are our Star Children, and they are curious and connected.

A star is a brilliant heavenly body, and Star Children are the brilliant minds of the world. 

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Daily Reminders of Your Intellectual SolePath