Happiness, entangled

I opened the calendar on my phone just to make sure it was Tuesday. And it was. So, it had been four days since I dropped my hubby K and daughter C at the airport. Had it been this long? Time blurred since they were gone. I had a hard time remembering what day it was at many moments throughout the day.

I realized how much my life has been imprinted into a beautiful pattern, enriched with their presence, their love, their kindness, their quirky humor, also being part of their worries and moments of uncertainty. How lucky I am…

That blur of time perhaps came from me still feeling them around, their energies – by the coffee machine, on the chair in front of the computer, leaning by the counter eating cereal and joking about the silliest things. It was a hologram only I could see. They were not here, but still here in my heart, just like the particles entangled, no matter how far apart we were from each other, the connection forever will be. And that connection for me, is Happiness. 

I don’t always understand what my happiness is. Sometimes I think it resides in the order of the tasks I perform, or in agreement from others when we argue, or in the satisfaction when I appear to be the right one.

Sometimes I feel happiness from a broader limitless space, it vibrates through me when I walk in the sun with my family, cook for the ones I love, or pull weeds in the garden.

At other times it is simply to leave everything behind and be. But no matter which way it is I know in those moments I am aware where I stand emotionally, I know the direction I want to move towards, and that feels good.

And that direction is expansion, an outward energetic opening from within the self, reaching out towards a better feeling. It can be as simple as an awareness, a thought or it can be as profound as a plan, series of actions. In a short 15 years so much has changed for me, I married second time, I am a mother, and I became a career woman.

The ID change brought shifts and turns in all kinds of relationships, full of coming and going, ups and downs, through which I walked, ran, swam, climbed and many times drowned. It was not till that destined meeting of SolePath that I woke.

SolePath not only gifted me a new vantage point to look at what happiness is and what relationships are for. Most importantly, SolePath is the way through which I can navigate through a life full of relationships, reaching for expansion.

This expansion, energetic expansion, is the reaching for that light we all have, that emanates from the self. The same as all life on earth flourishes and thrives in the light of the sun. Because light expands in all direction and is all inclusive, so it is within the light we see all colors and all shapes and it is within the light the world comes to be. We are our own sun, energetically speaking, we come with that guiding light within and formed our individual world, that we call self.  We choose our physical expressions stranded inside this energetic yet invisible light bubble, like the DNA, fully coded with the intension for a fulfilled and happy life. 

In nature, light can reveal whatever it shines upon, even the faintest sparkle can bring a brightness in the darkest place; lights can combine with each other and become stronger and brighter. As we flow through life, we move within our own light code with our own energetic signature, (categorized into the elements of the Earth and crystalized into the trigrams), merging with others, coming together, moving apart. It is not important which light is brighter or more beautiful, light includes all, reveals all, guiding all. It is only important that we recognize the light, appreciate it in ourselves and in others. It is more important that we shine from our own darkness and bring our light to the world.

So I find peace and joy in knowing this revelation. For me then, Happiness is a journey of love, love self, love others, love the world and everything within.  

Only through love we come to know ourselves. Only through love can I shine my light and appreciate the light of others.

Through love I rest in the knowing that when I need mountain still quietness, I also provide tranquil mental space for my husband and peaceful Tai Chi energy for my child. When I lose my patience with my child who feels criticized by my words, my hubby can come to my rescue using his precise words and kind tone. When I feel spent in all the daily chores and schedules, I can let my husband organize and take control…

I know now when my daughter keeps shifting from one thing to another or being too dramatic for my liking, she is in her light, being her Charismatic self. If I learn to appreciate that, then I find spontaneity and fun in life and am able to live in the moment more easily. I understand also when my Intellectual husband does not express much of his feelings, it does not mean he appreciates me less. He loves me, so it is only that he focuses more on the mind, he enjoys precision and meaning in every word he utters, and that is why he is so reliable. He provides an unmeasurable sense of safety to everyone within his reach, bringing calmness as gentle and kind as the wind…

Couple weeks before their departure I had casually asked him a question: if he feels he can be himself when being with me. He said: “Yes!” Yes! It is like agreeing to marry me all over again, I cried. I was so happy that through all these years I was finally able to reflect back to him the full acceptance he has graced me with since the day we met.

It was through his constant acceptance of me, allowing me to be who I am, helping me into my light that I learnt about my happiness: to love with a full heart, in all relationships. When you love, you are in your light, and only in your light, freedom.

I opened the picture he sent me just after he passed the security at the airport: My daughter poking at an A&W burger so happily. His words below it: “through security, miss you already!”

I smiled. I miss you too and I know you feel it wherever you go…

Jessie’s Husband’s SolePath is Intellectual Expert and Intellectual Controller, Governing number 7.

Jessie’s Daughter’s SolePath is Charismatic Gladiator and Charismatic Performer, Governing number 9.

Insights by Jessie Shen-Huxley, SolePath certified mentor and SolePath energy analyst. Jessie’s SolePath is Spiritual Mystic and Intuitive Hunter, dark Inspirational Conformist, Governing SoleNumber 7.

Meiko’s Pet Energetic Personality Imprint is Responsible Inspirational and Physical Intuitive.

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