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Your SolePath is priceless; it is the secret to a happy life and provides clarity around consciously choosing, deliberately creating a life of joy. You can’t put a price on that.

Fill out the form below to request your SolePath and pay what you feel able to give. You can donate $20, $50, $200, $1000, or any other amount you feel able to give. To guide you, the average donation for a SolePath is $50.

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Not only are you about to find out your SolePath and who you were born to be, but you will also be inducted into the SolePath institute library of records. We are excited!

You are going to upload your photo first. Remember to choose a photo you like, after all it will be in the SolePath institute library of records. A head shot of just you, with no one else in the picture, taken within the last year.

If you want to share your SolePath with someone, we would be happy to send them a copy of your certificate. This may be a loved one or your SolePath certified mentor, or another professional:

SolePath Terms of Service:

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