April SOLEnumbers Oracle
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April SOLEnumbers Oracle

How does the Wind Energy of April affect you?

Every month on the planet there is new quantum energy that interacts with and impacts your Governing SOLEnumber energy.

The SOLEnumbers Oracle is your guide to navigating the impact of this interaction, and each reading has:

Firstly, a description of the quantum energy that you will be living in each month. Secondly, a paragraph that describes the best practices for you, to make the most of the energy of the month.

What does April hold for you?

Number energy for 2024 – SoleNumber 8

Number energy for 2024 – SoleNumber 8

The energy of SoleNumber 8 is of POWER and VISION.
And this means that in 2024 we will all experience more kindness and generosity. We will celebrate intellect and logical thought. We are going to feel supercharged and able to use our inner power and energy to make life better; better for ourselves and better for others. 
The number 8 energy in 2024 also means that it is going to be a year of change. That’s a fact, just relax, things are going to change in 2024. You could also feel that others are out to get you. Maybe experience scarcity. As well as blaming others for the things that are going on in your life rather than taking responsibility for yourself.