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You are beautiful!

Insights by Jessie Shen-Huxley, SolePath certified mentor and SolePath energy analyst. Jessie’s SolePath is Spiritual Mystic and Intuitive Hunter, dark Inspirational Conformist.

“There are 22 SolePaths, divided into 6 categories. Both your LightPaths and your DarkPath each belong to a category and these categories are group classifications, which are the overall guides to how you interact with the world.”  

SolePath the path to purpose and a beautiful life, Dr. Debra Ford Msc.D, p 45

My friend passed away…

I went to a memorial service yesterday. It was for the teacher of my daughter, also a dear friend of mine. She dedicated nearly half of a century and three-quarters of her life to the education of children. The service was beautiful, full of tears and laughter. Although she was gone, I felt her still in the musical notes played and the loving words spoken. Everyone in the audience felt her essence.

I don’t know her SolePath, but I could not help but wonder what SolePath she would have chosen for this lifetime. What SolePath had helped her find her way, live in her light for all these years, and give her all to a cause she believed in so deeply, tirelessly, and unconditionally.

She believed that life is extraordinary…

In her life, she encountered numerous challenges along the way, but she always made choices, actively. She believed that the chosen action would lead to the rainbow and the pot of gold, because she understood that life is nothing short of extraordinary.

Perhaps it does not really matter whether I knew her SolePath or not, because as long as one chooses to live in their light, guided by the LightPath energy, one will live a life of fulfillment and satisfaction.  She sure had lived a life of just that, and more than that, a life that had a tremendous impact on all of us who were fortunate enough to have known her. 

SolePath, your spiritual personality profile …

“The 6 SolePath categories are: Charismatic, Compassionate, Inspirational, Intellectual, Intuitive and Spiritual. Paths within a category share energy and characteristics that are common to the category, and then have further distinguishing characteristics that make each path unique.” 

The SolePath Book of Knowledge, pp 23, Dr. Debra Ford Msc.D

There is similarity within the category energies. The sparkling Charismatic, the loving Compassionate, the tireless working bee Inspirational, the curious thoughtful Intellectual, the free-spirited Intuitive, or the strong and wise Spiritual.

For those who are living more from the heart and feelings like the Intuitive, Compassionate and the Spiritual they are guided by the Tao energies with real physical substance – the Lake, the Ocean, and the Mountain. 

But those who are living more in the logical linear mind like the Inspirational, Intellectual and Charismatic are walking the path of the Tao with mainly ether qualities –  the Thunder, the Wind and the Fire. No matter which category energies are chosen, there will always be a perfect balance in the choice itself between the quality of the category and the symbolic meaning of the Tao energy. 

She was light and she was great…

My dear friend had a beautiful life because she always believed in herself, knowing that she could always choose, and that life would reflect her own choices. She always knew that she was happy, she was healthy, she loved herself and she was deeply loved in return. She knew intrinsically that her greatness and her gifts were in her light, and she walked in that light, and was ultimately expanded and beautiful.

She inspired me to venture deeper into my own SolePath Categories, to see the uniqueness of each, yet find similarities within. For together my own SolePath categories lay the path I have chosen to walk this lifetime.

And why not, like my friend, make the journey a fulfilling and beautiful one? Will you do the same, beautiful ones?

With love, Jessie

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