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The Wind Rises…

A tribute to the Wind Energy of 2024.

Snow finally fell, 

In such haste, 

Shrank into the size of a grain of sand, 

Withstood the freezing air. 

I hesitated in the car, 

Saw myself in the rear-view mirror, 

Face had blurred into the snow, swirling.

Music was blasting, 

As I watched the wind blowing, 

Silently, intently, full of power.

I closed my eyes, what are you carrying?

Sun chases moon rising and falling,

Clouds shift into stars twinkling, 

Lakes freeze then melt clear, 

Rivers return into sea free,

Snow sinks down under meadows green, 

Flowers bloom then fade into dream, 

 I blow, I blast, I pace, I orchestrate rhythm, weaving and aligning.

Storm rages into hurricane, 

Floods rise into Tsunami, 

Hail gulfs into tornado, 

Fire blazes into flaming sea, 

River dries out mud into dirt, 

Lake evaporates down to marsh,         

I fan, I shatter, I explode, I command change.

         I cleanse the dormant winter with gusts hurling.

         I nurse new spring with warm breath nourishing.

         I relieve the hot summer with breeze cooling.

         I paint the elegant autumn with swirls exhilarating.


 I move, I create, I provide, I guide, I lead, I show, I demonstrate, I help, I process.

         I, spin the world, things happen with me.

         You feel me when you are generous and kind.

         You see me when you are visionary with direction.

         You expand me when you are commanding and benefiting others.

         You sense me when you are lighthearted and free.

         You hear me when you are eloquent and are drawing clarity. 

         Into your every present moment, You breathe me.

         YOU, my deary….. I am carrying.

I rolled down the window,

Feeling the wind on my skin,

My silvery hair free flowing in the rearview mirror,

I sense the reminder of the time I left behind,

I hear the urging of the adventure lay under my feet,

This moment, wheeled my lifetimes over and again.

Always this moment, 

Only of this moment,

I choose,

My life.

The wind rises…    

Where will you go? 

Who will you be?

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