Who is the Charismatic Adventurer?

People with a Charismatic SolePath are inherently bright and aware.

You are a charismatic person who is brave, sensing, always growing and independent.

Your superpower is your Sparkle.

Special gifts and greatness of
the Charismatic Adventurer:

one who is bold
and social
and gets excited

Charismatic Adventurer

As a Charismatic Adventurer, you love the new and exciting – new learning, new people, new places, new technology … anything new. You are a non-conformist and a ready – fire – aim person with an inexhaustible energy for life. You are a bit of a risk taker and are warm, affectionate and likeable.

Your core energy as a Charismatic Adventurer is loving the new and being at the cutting edge. This core energy represents those positive core values deep within you that create an expansion of your energy; that create positive outcomes.

Being a Charismatic Adventurer means embracing the new. It means loving change and being discerning about when you are changing for the sake of change, or when you are embracing change because it is an improvement, a moving forward. You teach us how not to fear change and how to embrace new ideas. You show us that moving forward is fun and that the status quo can be improved upon.

Charismatic Adventurer

As a dark Charismatic Adventurer, you are just as likely to be a BOLD, SOCIAL person who gets EXCITED about life (all the LightPath characteristics), as you are to take on the collapsing behaviour.

Check out the LightPath Charismatic Adventurer first and then continue with the DarkPath.

The core energy for the dark Charismatic Adventurer is being a risktaker and gambler. Taking unnecessary risks, whatever the impact on others, whether it be for your safety, your health, in your selection of love partners, or even risking what others have.