2024 is a year of Wind Energy

The energy is changing from Mountain Energy in 2023 to Wind Energy in 2024. This means that we will experience more kindness and generosity, celebrate our intellect and logic, feel supercharged, and use our inner power and energy to make life better. Sounds great, right?

Yet we know that each of the Tao energies has a light and dark manifestation, and Wind Energy in 2024 also means that you could experience a lot of change, feel that others are out to get you, experience scarcity, as well as find yourself blaming others for the things going on in your life.

Here’s a story I wrote about Wind Energy

Wind is so curious to me. It’s invisible. You can only see, hear or feel its effect.
You can see the rustling of the leaves as a gentle breeze blows through a forest. A breeze turns wind chimes into a song. You can feel it on your skin as it cools you down on a hot summer day. But in and of itself, wind is invisible – yet the effect of wind is profound. Wind is like the positive emotions of love and kindness, which can’t be seen, but certainly can be felt.

Wind Energy is part of your life on those days when you feel generous and kind and enjoy sharing your abundance of joy, love and money with others.

Wind Energy shows up when you are providing direction to make things better; when you are using your inner power and energy to make life better. It is also there when you feel like a supercharged individual who easily commands others and uses strong personal chi and power for the benefit of all.

You can sense Wind Energy within yourself when you are thinking clearly. Light expanding Wind Energy is always moving and creating change, making decisions and making things happen.

A gentle wind is cleansing. A gentle wind is cooling. A gentle wind can blow all your cares away. A gentle wind is angel’s breath.

On this video is a beautiful spiritual practice to bring more light expanding Wind Energy into your life in 2024

This is Dark Collapsed Wind Energy

Yet, you also know that Wind Energy can also be too strong, unsettling and destructive. Negative emotions have been described as the wind that blows out the lamp of the mind. When life gets difficult, it’s important to remind yourself to bend with the wind to remain unbroken.

The words gale-force wind, hurricane and typhoon bring up images of destruction and devastation. In your life, when you are experiencing dark collapsed Wind Energy, you are always impacting others in a destructive way, leaving wreckage in your wake.

Wind Energy makes you too determined and you find it hard to see how others are affected by your actions, which can be unkind and abusive.

Within yourself, Wind Energy makes you feel that they are out to get you and you feel exploited. Those times when you feel selfishly taken advantage of by others – you are experiencing the dark energy of wind.

In your life, Wind Energy is also showing up when you create control fallacies – feeling helpless under external controls. These are usually a direct result of your misinterpretation of events and of life; a real manifestation of dark collapsed Wind Energy.

Anytime you blame others for your life situation. Anytime you don’t take responsibility for your life – all further examples of the dark energy of wind. Blaming others is also part of your control fallacy, as you find it easier to feel helpless under external controls and blame others, than to take control of your own life.

Feelings of scarcity. An inability to accept happiness for yourself or for others. Withholding your love and restricting yourself. Worrying that life as you know it will be taken away – the dark collapsed energy of wind.

Daily Pulse rhythm of the Tao, Dr. Debra Ford Msc.D, pp 99-101

Antidote and action:

Thankfully, there are things that you can do, actions that you can take as an antidote to dark collapsed Wind Energy. To bring light expanding Wind Energy and the profound teachings of the Tao into your life. In 2024:

  1. Connect with others by sharing and being kind
  2. Balance your life by focusing on your curiosity and connection
  3. Find Flow and non-resistance by consciously including and accepting others. By sharing your blessings


Gemstones are gifts from the earth and have energy that you can tap into. When you carry gemstones in your pocket, backpack or purse you are bringing their positive energy with you. The gemstone for Wind Energy is amethyst.

Amethyst brings good fortune. It clears personal energy and promotes clear thinking and respect. Gemstones may be placed in the bedroom, kept in a pocket, or worn as jewelry.


Whether 2024 is a light or dark year for you, is your choice. You can engage in the spiritual practice (above video) that will align you with light expanding Wind Energy; and you can choose to take action using the antidote to dark collapsed Wind Energy. This will align you with living as a kind, gentle and curious person in 2024. You got this! It’s a good year.

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