Responsible Inspirational Pet Energetic Personality Imprint (PEPI)

Knowing your animal’s SolePath PEPI is a wonderful way to understand the most joyful way in which you can live, love and play together.

For people, SolePath is who you are born to be. It is your guide to a beautiful life, filled with happiness, peace, joy, love, purpose, meaning. For your pets, SolePath is a little different. It is how they interact with you in an individual, predetermined and predictable way; it is their ‘pet energetic personality imprint’, their PEPI.

Every animal has a Connecting Spiritual SolePath; every animal is a spiritual guide. An animal’s connecting spiritual PEPI is braided with two other PEPI’s; the Emotional Charismatic, the Caring Compassionate, the Responsible Inspirational, the Cool Intellectual or the Physical intuitive. This braid is their own unique PEPI, their special pet energetic personality imprint, and is what makes them the unique creatures that they are.

Below is a list of the primary characteristics of the Connecting Spiritual PEPI that all animals share.

Connecting Spiritual PEPI characteristics

  • Love to listen
  • Will communicate back
  • Love time connecting
  • Are connected to invisible energy
  • Understanding and supportive
  • Very aware, may spend time looking into the air around them
  • Love to hear you talk

And this is the energetic personality of the Responsible inspirational.

Dogs with a Responsible Inspirational PEPI are powerful and free.

Your Responsible Inspirational dog thrives with loving connections, has strength of character and likes order in their environment and routine in their day.


Provide your Responsible Inspirational dog with opportunities to create loving connections. Obviously with you, the caregiver, but also with other trusted and safe people in their life. Creating positive human relationships is a big part of their life journey.

 With these human connections, your Responsible Inspirational dog just wants to help. They have an innate desire to be useful and take on responsibility. Find ways to encourage this and make this possible. For example, they could carry their treats in a backpack on their walk; ring a bell when they need to go outside; fetch their leash when it’s time to go for walk.


Your Responsible Inspirational dog has remarkable inner strength and power. This is mostly a positive characteristic, but it sometimes shows up as being headstrong and stubborn. It can be a fine balance between allowing your Responsible Inspirational dog to have some freedom and free will, and having them cause chaos and be disruptive.

Responsible Inspirational dogs are powerful and free. This is a very advanced personality trait. Help them channel this power in a way that works for you, not in a way that is disruptive.


Your Responsible Inspirational dog functions so much better in an organized environment and in a life with predictable requirements and outcomes. Their day needs structure, but it doesn’t need to be an inflexible daily routine.

Help them to rely on predictability. ‘Round about the same time’ is the tenet for the caregiver of the Responsible Inspirational. Whether for feeding, morning ablutions, caregiver returning home, daily walks or playtime.

 Wellness and your Responsible Inspirational dog:

There are secrets to your dog’s body and health that are unique to them as a Responsible Inspirational.

Metaphysical umbilicus:

This is a place on their body that connects them directly with their soul. The metaphysical umbilicus for your Responsible Inspirational is their adrenal glands (in the middle of their back, on either side of their spine). When you put your focus and attention on their adrenal glands, it’s just like running an invisible umbilical cord up to their soul, connecting your dog to their wisdom and helping them feel powerful and free.

It is very soothing for your dog if you gently massage these spots on their back.

Health sensitivity:

Each of the PEPIs has a health sensitivity. This is not to say that your dog will experience ill health in this area, but rather that it is a possible predisposition and something to keep an eye on. If symptoms show up, speak with your pet health-care provider.

For your Responsible Inspirational, their health sensitivity is their skeletal system, their bones and joints.


Calming rejuvenation for your Responsible Inspirational dog is escape. A vacation from responsibility, getting away from anyone or anything that needs them.

Make sure that they can get away from family members when they need to – into their crate, or into a safe dark corner, or room.

Five senses:

Of the five senses, the most powerful one for your Responsible Inspirational dog is sight.


They perceive things through their eyes, and how things look and what they see has a profound impact on their experience of the world.

Your Responsible Inspirational dog is likely to react more strongly to visual stimuli than dogs with other PEPI. You will find that they are interested observers and love to look at what is going on around them. They will appreciate toys with contrasting colours and toys that light up.

Matching vibration:

There are certain physical items that have the same energy as your Responsible Inspirational dog. Things that vibrate at their wavelength, provide a wonderful, positive addition throughout their life.


One of your Responsible Inspirational dogs favourite colours is green, any shade of green. Darker colours have a softer vibration than lighter colours. Green represents growth, feeling stable and strong. Green is flexible and full of hope. Green can be introduced in bedding and accessories.


The gemstone for your Responsible Inspirational dog is jade. This gemstone encourages harmonious relationships, eliminates negativity and promotes clarity. Gemstones may be placed on their body (e.g. hanging from their collar) or near their bedding.

Training and your Responsible Inspirational:

Knowing your dog’s PEPI contributes to understanding your dog at a deep level and helps you to become the best dog caregiver that you can be; an caregiver who provides a happy, loving and nurturing environment. Understanding their learning style helps make training a positive experience for both you and your dog.

Learning style: visual learner

Your Responsible Inspirational dog processes information primarily through seeing. Your dog will respond particularly well to hand signals as part of their training. Giving them verbal commands is only part of how they need to learn, they need to see what they are required to do. Remember that they do want to help.

 It’s a Responsible Inspirational’s dog’s life!


Add to the quality of your pet’s life with healthy treats and rewards. Here are the clues to their fundamental motivation:

Responsible Inspirationals exist to serve and be useful. They will make your life a joy and delight if you encourage them to help and make them feel needed.


All pets love to be touched and comforted. Here is the best way to fulfil that need for your cherished dog:

Responsible Inspirationals will want to be touched and caressed only when they want to be touched and caressed. Give them this love when they ask for it, but don’t be surprised if they move away when they have had enough. Give them space.


Spending quality time with your dog is essential and can be as much fun for you as for them:

Responsible Inspirationals need to be of service. They love to be useful, so teaching and motivating them is the perfect connecting time with you. Train them up, they need your time, and they will love it.


Pets need rest, relaxation and sleep and here is the best way to provide that support and care:

Responsible Inspirationals need a quiet place for escape, for getting away from the responsibility of serving others.


While natural whole foods are best for most pets, here are some other suggestions for meal times:

Responsible Inspirationals need familiar surroundings and people, to feel comfortable when eating.


As a general rule, dogs love routine because it lets them know what to expect and what to look forward to. Within a consistent time to eat and exercise, here are some further suggestions:

Responsible Inspirationals must have structure in their lives, familiar environments, walks, people, places and routines. They just love to be busy, to be on the go, seeing things and connecting with others.


Our dogs generally reflect back to us what is going on in our lives, and if there is unhappiness:

Responsible Inspirationals will become needy, as they sense your unhappiness and are not sure how to help.

“Your animals love you more than they love themselves.” Dr. Debra

Knowing your dog’s PEPI enables a joyful interaction for the animal and for you, the caregiver. Your pet’s life is made as joyful as possible and in return they are able to make your life and the lives of all they live with, joyful too. Animals contribute to your life in so many ways and PEPI provides insights that allow you to respond to their energetic needs.

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