The nature of Intuitive Earth Children.

Intuitive Builder Child

Children with an Intuitive SolePath are our Earth Children. They are fun and full. Our planet Earth is the planet of elementals, and Earth Children have farsighted intuition.

The superpower of the Earth Child is Sixth Sense. This means that they are an intuitive person, who is positive and playful, full of ideas and one who needs physical activity.

Knowing your child’s SolePath helps you uncover their learning style, thinking style, creative process, how they experience time, and their connection to the Tao.

All of this contributes to understanding your child at a deep level and helps you to become the best parent you can be, a parent who provides a happy, loving and nurturing environment.

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Happiness as a driver for Athletic success

Coaches and Athletes

Happiness and athletic excellence go hand in hand. Understanding who they are, could very well be the difference between winning and losing for any athlete in any sport.

As a coach, if you could understand four happiness factors, you would increase the chances of success for both you and your athletes. Helping them feel happier includes a simple understanding of their 1. Learning Style, 2. Thinking Style, 3. Creative Process and 4. How they Experience Time.

It is possible to know all of this about your athletes, and you don’t have to figure it out, and it isn’t guess work! At the SolePath Institute in Calgary, Canada, we do a simple energetic measuring to place all of this information at your fingertips; so much lies hidden within your SolePath personality profile.

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Dear parents, this is a letter from the angels to you ….

Being a GREAT parent

If you could have a personal conversation with the angles about being a parent, about your fears and dreams, this is what they would say to you.

The act of being a parent is one of the most significant and important experiences that you will have as a human being. Your child will play the role of teacher as often as they need to be taught, and they will be the one who loves you more often than they need to be nurtured. The angels want to give you context for your life and for your little one’s experience and their journey, to help you flow together more easily.

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What SolePath means to me…

What is SolePath

If you are wondering whether SolePath can truly help you feel happier, here’s what some members of our SolePath community have to say.
Svend is a hockey coach and life coach, Vanessa a doctor of acupuncture, Kristine an engineer, Jerilyn an interior designer and Mario a Qi Gong teacher. Here’s what SolePath means to them …

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What the heck is SolePath?

What is SolePath

SolePath was created in 2009 by Dr. Debra Ford and if you asked the over 3,000 people who have requested their SolePath since then, “What is SolePath?”, I’m almost certain you would get dozens of different replies. SolePath is your spiritual personality profile and through a deep journey of personal awareness, it guides you to feeling happier. Through self awareness, SolePath helps you with finding purpose, creating positive change in your life, more successful parenting, happier relationships, the best career and more. What could knowing yourself at a deep and profound level do for you?

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A radio interview with Dr. Janice Brown, on becoming a better parent to her children, Isabelle and Brianna.

Being a GREAT parent

An interview with Dr. Janice Brown on parenting and how to find tools that really help with communicating with her children. How to become a better parent to her children, to find more breathing room in the day-to-day challenges.

“Knowing my children’s SolePath really helps and changes the interaction between us all.”

Solving problems, understanding behaviour, feeling happier. SolePath and your children.

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Your Child’s SolePath

Charismatic Sun Child

Your child experiences their LightPaths in the same way that you do. Everything that is going well for them is the result of their LightPath gifts. They feel loved, valued, appreciated and seen from their LightPaths. Their self-worth is fundamentally tied up with you loving and accepting them for who they are, for who they are born to be and for the SolePath they have chosen for their life.

It’s a little different for the DarkPath. Children only start to experience their DarkPath as negative and collapsing around ten years of age. Before that time, they simply experience all parts of their SolePath braid, two LightPaths and one DarkPath, as their personality characteristics.

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How SolePath can help you be a GREAT parent

Being a GREAT parent

Everyone is born with a SolePath. It is your unique, individual, energetic personality profile. ‘Sole’ because it is solely about you. ‘Path’ because it guides you on your life’s journey. SolePaths are determined through SolePath Institute energetic measurements.

For you, as a parent, your SolePath is a deep journey of awareness, and you’ll come to know yourself and your child at entirely different levels. Knowing what makes you happy and knowing what trips you up will help explain why you behave the way you do.

Do you need help understanding why you continue to fall back on habits and behaviours that do not help you and get in the way of your happiness? When you know your SolePath, you can be the parent you always dreamed you’d be, and you can be the parent your child needs you to be.

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A letter from Dr. Debra about parenting

Being a GREAT parent

Dr. Debra wrote a book of SolePath parenting insights for her own sons to be the best parents that they can be for her precious granddaughters. Now, she has done the same for you!

Parenting is both rewarding and challenging and parenting during the pandemic has brought its own unique difficulties. SolePath can really, really help! There is a way for you to be in your LightPaths and to be the best, most loving parent that you can be. And to choose away from your DarkPath and avoid upheavals and difficulties.

Depending on your SolePath, you have parenting superpowers! There are ways for you to be great, things you can do to take care of your child and yourself, guidelines on how to be a superhero parent.

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