The energy of 2022 is 6, moon energy

The energy for the year 2022 – a number 6 year

Daily Pulse, rhythm of the Tao

The New Year means a different energy; energy that affects each of us and all us.

2022 is a number 6 year, a Moon year, a year that is most closely aligned with water energy.

If we could personify the year, 2022 is a Moon Child, who is confident and deep. The moon amplifies emotions, and Moon children have hearts with a great capacity for love.

The Superpower of the Moon Child is Love. This means that they are a compassionate person, who has confidence and depth; is empowered and gentle.

This change in energy affects your life, their life and our life.

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Water is the natural energy for the month of October.

Daily Pulse, rhythm of the Tao

There is a natural energy that is predominant in each month of the year. This energy affects us personally and affects all of us together. This natural energy is the energy of the Tao, and each month has an exclusive energy vibration, as it relates to one of the trigrams of the Tao.

The energy of the Tao that is most closely aligned with the month of October is water energy.

Each month, through an understanding of the energy, and engaging in a dedicated spiritual practice, it is possible to align yourself with the natural energy of the Tao. This alignment will create balance in your life; it will enhance your connection to your higher self and with others; it will make it easier for you to live a life of flow; life will be easier; and you will feel happier.

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