Intuitive Hunter LightPath

As an intuitive hunter, you are a truth seeker. You are curious, enquiring and have a thirst for answers and understanding. Once you have found your ‘truth’ you love to share this knowledge with your community. You are a courageous person who is hard driving and brave, yet also thoughtful and considerate of others. You love the outdoors.

Your core energy as an intuitive hunter is: seeking truth and answers and generosity. This core energy represents those positive core values deep within you that create an expansion of your energy; that create positive knowing.

Being an intuitive hunter means always seeking. Your life flows much like the traditional hunter who was responsible for feeding community. With your courage and bravery you hunt the truth and then return to share this with your community. Because of the energy expended you then need time to sit by the fireside to rejuvenate and it is very important to take time for this rest. Your greatest fulfillment is finding truth to share with others.

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Intuitives are the ‘gut’ reaction SolePaths. You respond to the world through your body. As an intuitive, it is important to identify your body’s responses; to know whether a particular sensation means go or stop.

Your body keeps you safe with its immediate reaction to people, situations and experiences. Sometimes it is a feeling in the pit of your stomach, it may be tingling or goose bumps. When you clearly identify whether the physical sensation you are feeling is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ about someone or something, you don’t make mistakes. You get into difficulty when you don’t trust this, or allow the opinions of others to get in the way.

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