The Nature of the Charismatic SolePath

Those with a Charismatic Adventurer, Charismatic Gladiator, Charismatic Influencer, Charismatic Leader and Charismatic Performer SolePath are bright and aware. They are brave, sensing, always growing and independent.

Knowing your SolePath uncovers your learning style, thinking style, creative process, how you experience time, and your connection to the Tao. All of this contributes to understanding yourself at a deep level and helps you walk the path to purpose and a beautiful life. 

Learning style: visual learner

Source: SolePath Institute

With a Charismatic SolePath, you process information primarily through seeing. Visual learners like to read the information, rather than hearing about it, and you need visual aids such as illustrations and photographs to interpret information.

Painting, drawing, and the use of colour assist in your learning process. Visual learners are really good at using maps and have a great sense of direction.

Thinking style: logical linear thinker

Source: SolePath Institute

In the process of learning, understanding, and gaining knowledge, the thinking style for the Charismatic SolePath is logical linear, rather than whole thinker.

You are analytical, sequential and rational and respond to data and cold hard facts. You like step-by-step instructions and need to understand what the expected outcome will be.

Creative process: 

Source: SolePath Institue

With a Charismatic SolePath, your concepts and ideas are progressive and based on a backward-looking, factual foundation. You look at what others have done and use these external stimuli to create.

Fostering creativity within yourself includes looking at many examples and ideas. For example, if you were creating a map, you would benefit from examples of maps created by others. This stimulates your ideas and encourages you to build on what you see.

Experiencing time: 

Source: SolePath Institute

You experience time as one step at a time, in a logical progression, with personal awareness, rather than ‚Äėall at the same time‚Äô. Your subjective experience of time is that one event follows another in succession and when the event is over, it becomes a memory. Time has an order to it and Charismatics’ memories always revolve around themselves.

For those who experience time ‚Äėall at the same time‚Äô, their subjective experience of time is that they are not always discerning about which event or memory came first. Sometimes they have little distinction between past and present events. Their time perception is often that ‚Äúeverything that has happened and everything that is happening‚ÄĚ is happening now.

The rhythm of the Tao:

The Tao is the natural order of the universe and keeps the world balanced and flowing.  Fire energy is the Tao energy that matches Charismatics. 

When light and expanding, fire energy represents growth and charisma and is clear, warm, bright and enlightened.

When dark and collapsed, fire energy is too hot, explosive and destructive and can‚Äôt exist alone; fire needs something to burn on. 

Your Charismatic SolePath embodies the natural energy of fire.

Knowing this, contributes to understanding yourself at a deep level, and helps you to become the best version of yourself that you can be. Walking the path to purpose and a beautiful life.

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Author: Dr. Debra Ford Msc.D.

Dr. Debra is one of the world’s foremost experts in metaphysical energy. She has a doctorate in metaphysical science and is a metaphysical philosophy teacher. She is an ordained minister and member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association and the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry.

Dr. Debra’s SolePath is Inspirational Teacher and Spiritual Mystic. It is this SolePath that allows her to connect, create and communicate the original SolePath body of work.

Dr. Debra’s work is based on the Tao. She is the author of 17 books including ‘SolePath the path to purpose and a beautiful life, Daily Pulse, rhythm of the Tao and her children’s book ‘Emilia Rose and the rainbow adventure’.

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What is Metaphysics? It is one of the main branches of philosophy (along with epistemology, logic, ethics) and deals with the nature of existence, truth and knowledge.

What is SolePath? Everyone is born with a SolePath. It is your unique, individual¬†Spiritual¬†Personality¬†Profile. ‚ÄėSole‚Äô because it is solely about you. ‚ÄėPath‚Äô because it guides you on your life‚Äôs journey.¬†


Grateful thanks to Dr. Janice Brown for the wonderful blog images.

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