Frankincense space clearing kit


The act of space clearing transforms the energy of a space by eliminating negative residual energy that has built up over time. Frankincense has a priceless sacred anointing fragrance and has been used for thousands of years to deep cleanse and purify energy.

This kit includes: frankincense, charcoal tablets, tongs, dish for burning (dish may not be exactly as shown).

Negative energy is absorbed by the walls, furniture, carpet, ceilings and lingers in the corners of a space. Negative energy builds up as a result of stressful events, such as arguments or illness that have happened in the space. Everything that has occurred in a space leaves an energy footprint and space clearing is the way to remove this negative residual energy. A deep space clearing using frankincense granules and performed regularly, balances the energy in your space and creates ripples of cleansed energy which flow out into the community like a pebble being dropped into water.


Frankincense granules, a hard sticky resin form the frankincense tree, are burned using charcoal tablets and emit a fragrant smoke that wafts into even the furthest corners of the space.

Method: hold the charcoal brick in tongs and light it using a gas butane lighter. Place in a small ovenproof dish and let stand for 2 to 3 minutes while the charcoal heats up and become a whitish grey colour. The longer you give the charcoal to heat up, the more effectively the frankincense will burn and smoke. Carefully place 1 tablespoon of frankincense granules on top of and around the hot charcoal. Place smoke dish in the area that you are clearing.

Warning; this is a very hot process, do not place the dish and burning frankincense on or near any flammable materials and use a fireproof coaster or mat to protect surfaces. Pay close attention to the burning mixture throughout the process and allow the ovenproof dish to cool completely before attempting to pick up. Once the frankincense has cooled, add enough water to the dish to ensure


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