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  • hawk soapstone carving


    For each category there is an animal instinct that gives insights into behaviour and allow a deeper understanding of instinctual energy.

  • Tealight candle


    Tealight candle encased in a thin metal cup so that the candle can liquefy completely while lit. Use with SolePantrys soap stone diffusers, ceramic diffuser and glass tealight holders for meditation.

  • smoky quartz (small, tumbled)


    Gemstones are a gift from the earth. Their power comes from their ability to release energy blockages and create a free flow of energy.

  • amethyst (small, tumbled)


    Each individually sold amethyst brings good fortune and balance. Amethyst clears the personal energy field and promotes well being and happiness. When intellectuals carry amethyst, their thought processes are clear and they feel appreciated and respected.

  • Spritzer bottle


    Spray any of your favourite essential oils or rose water over bedding, to freshen up your clothing, or just into the air as a space clearing. Fill the spray bottle up with filtered water then add 6 drops of your favourite essential oil.

  • Frankincense space clearing kit


    The act of space clearing transforms the energy of a space by eliminating negative residual energy that has built up over time. Frankincense has a priceless sacred anointing fragrance and has been used for thousands of years to deep cleanse and purify energy.

    This kit includes: frankincense, charcoal tablets, tongs, dish for burning (dish may not be exactly as shown).

    Negative energy is absorbed by the walls, furniture, carpet, ceilings and lingers in the corners of a space. Negative energy builds up as a result of stressful events, such as arguments or illness that have happened in the space. Everything that has occurred in a space leaves an energy footprint and space clearing is the way to remove this negative residual energy. A deep space clearing using frankincense granules and performed regularly, balances the energy in your space and creates ripples of cleansed energy which flow out into the community like a pebble being dropped into water.

  • Frankincense space clearing : Charcoal swift lite 33mm 10pk


    Pack of 10 charcoal tablets.
    Frankincense granules, a hard sticky resin from the frankincense tree, are burned using charcoal tablets and emit a fragrant smoke that wafts into even the furthest corners of the space.

  • yellow (1 small bag)


    mix with your other two SolePath colour

  • citrine (small, tumbled)


    Gemstones are a gift from the earth. Their power comes from their ability to release energy blockages and create a free flow of energy.

  • rose quartz (small, tumbled)


    Rose quartz stimulates unconditional love. Rose quartz heals emotional wounds and encourages deep inner healing. When you carry rose quartz you feel calm, reassured and peaceful. Rose quartz strengthens you as you go with the flow of your life.

  • clear quartz (medium, tumbled)

    clear quartz (medium, tumbled)


    Each individually sold clear quartz holds intention and amplifies it. Clear quartz increases imagination, creativity and provides clarity. When intuitives carry clear quartz they are better able to manifest their ideas and know that they are connected to the creative power of our planet earth.

  • jade (medium, tumbled)

    jade (small, tumbled)


    Jade encourages harmonious relationships and helps eliminate negativity. Jade assists with the flow of energy within the body. When inspirationals carry jade, theyhave clarity and are able to see the whole picture clearly.

  • black onyx (small, tumbled)


    Black onyx increases personal power and builds vitality. Black onyx assists with inner strength and increases stamina. When compassionates carry black onyx they feel self-confident, centred and focused; and are better able to trust their heart.

  • Kit: Feng Shui Tools – best value

    Our best value Feng Shui kit includes

    • “In the Feng Shui Zone”, our best-selling book,
    • a stunning hand crafted Feng Shui Crystal,
    • a powerful Bagua mirror,
    • trigram stickers,
    • a full set of 9 gemstones,
    • and a Zone energy map.
  • Kit: Space Clearing Tools


    Space clearing transforms the energy of a space by eliminating negative energy that has built up over time. Removing this negative energy creates an environment in which it is easier to live in your LightPaths

  • Faceted Feng Shui glass crystal


    Faceted Feng shui crystal for changing and improving the energy of your surroundings. Each crystal is hand made and unique.