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  • quartz crystal point (small 1″)


    Natural quartz crystals placed in electrical outlets keep unsettling energy out of a space and help balance and maintain a gentle flow of nourishing energy.

  • Frankincense space clearing kit


    The act of space clearing transforms the energy of a space by eliminating negative residual energy that has built up over time. Frankincense has a priceless sacred anointing fragrance and has been used for thousands of years to deep cleanse and purify energy.

    This kit includes: frankincense, charcoal tablets, tongs, dish for burning (dish may not be exactly as shown).

    Negative energy is absorbed by the walls, furniture, carpet, ceilings and lingers in the corners of a space. Negative energy builds up as a result of stressful events, such as arguments or illness that have happened in the space. Everything that has occurred in a space leaves an energy footprint and space clearing is the way to remove this negative residual energy. A deep space clearing using frankincense granules and performed regularly, balances the energy in your space and creates ripples of cleansed energy which flow out into the community like a pebble being dropped into water.

  • Kit: Space Clearing Tools


    Space clearing transforms the energy of a space by eliminating negative energy that has built up over time. Removing this negative energy creates an environment in which it is easier to live in your LightPaths

  • Kit: SolePlan Category Tools


    SolePlan is your whole life experience and includes your SolePath. This toolkit contains tools that resonate with the energy of the SolePlan category.

  • Kit: Spiritual Category Tools


    For our Spiritual SolePaths, who explore beliefs and are really connected, there are healing energy recipes and ingredients on the back of this recipe card. Possibilities for your SolePath journey so that ever day can be better.

    This toolkit contains tools that resonate with the energy of the Spiritual category.

  • red jasper (medium, tumbled)


    A divine gem for protection

  • Essential Oil: Ylang ylang & Sage – Spiritual SolePath


    Essential oils are extracted from plants. Their beauty and magic comes from the energy of the plants, trees, shrubs and flowers. Essential oils are a way for plants to share their healing and cleansing energy with us.

    Ylang ylang connects you to your true self, your higher self. When Spirituals use ylang ylang they find balance and peace. Use Ylang ylang for wisdom and spiritual connection