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  • In the Feng Shui Zone by Dr. Debra Ford

    “In the Feng Shui Zone” by Dr. Debra Ford Msc.D


    “In the Feng Shui Zone” is a practical, simple and easy to follow guide to getting your space balanced. In Zone Feng Shui, it is understood that the energy of a space, where you live and work, has a profound impact on your personal energy. When you focus on your space using the tools and techniques of Zone Feng Shui, you balance energy. When you remove energy blockages you allow a clear flow of energy and this creates balance in your life.

    In this book you will learn how to remove negative energy from your space and how to enhance the energy of your space to create the life changes that you desire. By moving the energy in your space, the energy outside of you, you move the energy within you and create change.

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  • Frankincense space clearing kit


    The act of space clearing transforms the energy of a space by eliminating negative residual energy that has built up over time. Frankincense has a priceless sacred anointing fragrance and has been used for thousands of years to deep cleanse and purify energy.

    This kit includes: frankincense, charcoal tablets, tongs, dish for burning (dish may not be exactly as shown).

    Negative energy is absorbed by the walls, furniture, carpet, ceilings and lingers in the corners of a space. Negative energy builds up as a result of stressful events, such as arguments or illness that have happened in the space. Everything that has occurred in a space leaves an energy footprint and space clearing is the way to remove this negative residual energy. A deep space clearing using frankincense granules and performed regularly, balances the energy in your space and creates ripples of cleansed energy which flow out into the community like a pebble being dropped into water.

  • Incense, pure sandalwood


    Sandalwood incense creates a beautiful restful energy while space clearing.Incense reaches even into the furthest corners.

  • Kit: Feng Shui Tools – best value

    Our best value Feng Shui kit includes

    • “In the Feng Shui Zone”, our best-selling book,
    • a stunning hand crafted Feng Shui Crystal,
    • a powerful Bagua mirror,
    • trigram stickers,
    • a full set of 9 gemstones,
    • and a Zone energy map.
  • Resin burner gold and black

    Brass resin burner black 2.75″


    This screen burner is a wonderful burner used for resin for deep space clearing.

  • Incense holder, glass


    11 inch, coloured glass incense holders.

    Each glass incense holder adds elegance and colour to your space. Choose your incense holder based on your SolePath: Charismatic: red, Compassionate: black, Inspirational: green, Intellectual: purple, Intuitive: white, Spiritual: blue.

  • Kit: Seth Category Tools


    Seth, our principle SolePath guide, is single mindedly urging all of us to service. Seth says “SolePath is a teaching that is directional giving a framework to a life incarnation. SolePath is a means for navigation over the course of a lifetime.” This toolkit contains tools that resonate with the energy of the Seth category.

  • Kit: SolePath Category Tools


    SolePath is your path to purpose and a beautiful life; it is who you were born to be; guide to a life filled with happiness, peace, joy and love. This toolkit contains tools that resonate with the energy of the SolePath category.