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  • Frankincense space clearing kit


    The act of space clearing transforms the energy of a space by eliminating negative residual energy that has built up over time. Frankincense has a priceless sacred anointing fragrance and has been used for thousands of years to deep cleanse and purify energy.

    This kit includes: frankincense, charcoal tablets, tongs, dish for burning (dish may not be exactly as shown).

    Negative energy is absorbed by the walls, furniture, carpet, ceilings and lingers in the corners of a space. Negative energy builds up as a result of stressful events, such as arguments or illness that have happened in the space. Everything that has occurred in a space leaves an energy footprint and space clearing is the way to remove this negative residual energy. A deep space clearing using frankincense granules and performed regularly, balances the energy in your space and creates ripples of cleansed energy which flow out into the community like a pebble being dropped into water.