Charismatic SolePath parents are sparkly, light and bright.

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Charismatics are the world’s ‘sparkle’ people. You simply light up our world. The five Charismatic SolePaths are Charismatic Adventurer, Charismatic Gladiator, Charismatic Influencer, Charismatic Leader and Charismatic Performer.

Charismatic LightPath, parenting Superpowers:  

  1. Your superpower is your Sparkle: You are a charismatic person who is brave, sensing, always growing and is independent.
    • Charismatic: you bring light and brightness to your parenting and are naturally likeable. 
    • Brave: you can face parenting challenges without fear. 
    • Sensing: you are very aware, and this makes you sensitive to the energy of your child.
    • Growing: you seek to be a better parent and improve yourself all the time. 
    • Independent: you follow your own lead when it comes to parenting your child.
  2. Self- care: Your image is important to you. Make time and create budget for looking good. This will add to your self-esteem and reflect in your attitude toward your child and being an attentive parent.
  3. Action: Focus on personal growth and individual development. You are bright and aware.

Charismatic DarkPath parenting hazards: 

  1. Selfishness: Sometimes you can become so self-centred that you have a sense that life is only about you. Not only could your child feel neglected, but they also emulate your behaviour. Show them how to take account of the needs of others.  
  2. Big Energy: You could easily delight us and light up our world, or use your big energy to shut out the light – even with the full knowing of what the impact is on those around you. This behaviour will make your child feel uncertain.

See below for more parenting insights into your own SolePath: are you a Charismatic Adventurer, Charismatic Gladiator, Charismatic Influencer, Charismatic Leader or Charismatic Performer.  

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Charismatic Adventurer parenting gifts and greatness

If you have a Charismatic Adventurer LightPath, to be the best parent that you can be:

  1. Bold: As a Charismatic Adventurer parent you love the ‘new and exciting’ – new experiences, new people, new things. Exposure to ‘new’, adds to your quality of life. You have no fear of change. All children need routine, make sure this is part of your parenting strategy.
  2. Social: As a Charismatic Adventurer, you need lots of social time with both children and adults. You love to talk and thrive in company. You are very likeable, and time with others creates a great deal of positive emotion and many happy experiences for you. 
  3. Excited: You need variety in your life.  Your ability to get excited, engages others and makes you popular and fun to be around.

If you have a Charismatic Adventurer DarkPath, to stay light and loving: 

  1. Changeable: Being open to change and embracing new energy is an incredible life skill. You have a willingness to be bold and a desire to be at the cutting edge. But you sometimes want change just for the sake of it! This can be confusing and exhausting for your child.
  2. Blabber: It is a gift, being good with people. But your need for company all the time, and your constant chatter can feel exhausting for others. 
  3. Bored: You are easily bored, that’s just a fact. Get organized and include enough variety with activities and tasks and different interests to keep you engaged. While at the same time, keeping the interests of your child and their routine top of mind.

Charismatic Gladiator parenting gifts and greatness

If you have a Charismatic Gladiator LightPath, to be the best parent that you can be:

  1. Committed: As a Charismatic Gladiator parent you raise the bar and push yourself and others to higher standards. You are motivated by competition and raise the levels of performance for all of us. You want to be the best parent.
  2. Competitor: Charismatic Gladiator’s need opportunities for healthy competition. To show off your skills. As this helps you improve and excel. Healthy competition gives you a balanced life experience. 
  3. Excellence: You have a deep desire to do and be better. Your unique SolePath models excellence for all of us. Excelling at what you do is your gift, but it also needs to come with a good dose of humility.

If you have a Charismatic Gladiator DarkPath, to stay light and loving:

  1. Big-headed: You love excitement and are always on the lookout for an opportunity to win. You have a deep belief in yourself and your innate skills. Be careful that your commitment to excellence, doesn’t make you conceited!
  2. Ruthless: Your desire to win ranges from achieving personal excellence to winning at all costs. Look for healthy competition that encourages you to be your best, rather than heartless competition that steps on others.
  3. Disrespectful: Given the right environment, you will be the best at what you do. As you strive for excellence, show respect to others. Be polite in the way that you treat and speak about others and model this for your child.

Charismatic Influencer parenting gifts and greatness

If you have a Charismatic Influencer LightPath, to be the best parent that you can be:

  1. Persuasive: As a Charismatic Influencer parent, you influence us towards the greater good. You are an in-charge person who is inspiring. You are believable and have the gift of the gab. You are interested in, know and understand people.
  2. Collaborator: Participating in relationships with both give and take is an important life experience for you as a Charismatic Influencer. It helps with your personal growth. Ensure that your child feels that they are in a reciprocal relationship.
  3. Strength: You are a strong personality. You are born to be in a leadership position. In your life, you are learning how to lead using positive collaboration, rather than to lead with negative manipulation. Positive parenting is a necessary style for you.

If you have a Charismatic Influencer DarkPath, to stay light and loving:

  1. Manipulation: You have an innate persuasion ability that is an incredible life skill. Be alert as to when persuasion becomes manipulation and just needing to get your own way! Your child is too young and inexperienced to cope with your manipulation.
  2. Disregard: You need to co-operate and work with others on joint projects. Join forces and coordinate with others, and respect the opinions of others. Pay regard to the point of view of your child.
  3. Sharp-tongued: You are learning that ‘a spoonful of honey will catch more flies than a gallon of vinegar’. Take a breath and be cautious about your sharp tongue, especially with your child.

Charismatic Leader parenting gifts and greatness

If you have a Charismatic Leader LightPath, to be the best parent that you can be:

  1. Front-runner: As a Charismatic Leader parent, you show others the way, lead by example. You are charismatic, believable and fun to be around. Your excitement about life is infectious. You understand people, their attitudes and motivation and have an incredible ability to think on your feet. 
  2. Magnetic: People are drawn to Charismatic Leaders, like moths to a flame. You are charming, magnetic and have the ability to attract other people and attract attention. Your child finds you irresistible.
  3. Energetic: Charismatic Leader’s have a need to be on the go most of the time. You need the opportunity to be the centre of attention.

If you have a Charismatic Leader DarkPath, to stay light and loving:

  1. Irritable: You have an extraordinary talent for getting things started, but are not good with follow-through. You don’t always have a plan and can get really irritable when others try to caution you or slow you down.
  2. Wreckage: Be cautious of leading others astray. People have a natural tendency to follow you, and you often don’t care where you are leading them to, or where they end up. You abandon them and move onto more excitement. Your child is part of you for your lifetime, watch where you lead them.
  3. Boisterous: You thrive when given attention and may ‘play up’ when feeling confined, ignored or rejected. With your real physical stamina, you can keep going and going. You can be be tireless.

Charismatic Performer parenting gifts and greatness

If you have a Charismatic Performer LightPath, to be the best parent that you can be:

  1. Entertainer: As a Charismatic Performer parent you love the limelight and being recognized and admired for your talent. You really must have an audience and are spontaneous and fun-loving. You do love sensation and drama and have the great gift of living in the moment. 
  2. Star: Charismatic Performer’s need to have the lead role in their life. The world is your stage, and you love to be the main attraction. You love the limelight. Learn to share this space with your child, they are the centre of your world.
  3. Drama: You do love drama. It’s important to remember that most of the time others, including your child, find your drama exhausting.

If you have a Charismatic Performer DarkPath, to stay light and loving:

  1. Disruptive: You have a natural ability to entertain and need to learn to charm others and not be unsettling and upsetting for others. Your child needs rhythm, routine and stability.
  2. Egotistical: Discern when being the star and centre of attention, is appropriate. Sometimes in life, you need to be in the audience. The balance between being on stage and being in the audience is a key part of your life experience. Sometimes, for the sake of your child, choose to stay in the audience.
  3. Self-absorbed: It’s difficult to be in a movie on your own. You need lots of social opportunities and supporting cast members. This may be exhausting for others, and this is your movie, you are creating it and acting it out. This is not your child’s movie, they have a different SolePath with different needs to be happy.

Author: Dr. Debra Ford Msc.D.

Dr. Debra is a spiritual philosophy teacher with a doctorate in metaphysical science. She is an ordained minister and member of the American metaphysical doctors association and the Canadian international metaphysical ministry. Dr. Debra’s SolePath is Inspirational Teacher and Spiritual Mystic. It is this SolePath that allows her to connect, create and communicate the SolePath body of work. She is the author of 16 books including ‘SolePath the path to purpose and a beautiful life, Daily Pulse, rhythm of the Tao and her children’s book ‘Emilia Rose and the rainbow adventure’.


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