Inspirational SolePath parents are role models for their children.

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Inspirationals are the worlds role models. The four Inspirational SolePaths are Inspirational Conformist, Inspirational Humanitarian, Inspirational Manager and Inspirational Teacher.

Inspirational LightPath, parenting Superpowers:  

  1. Your superpower is your Turbo Power: You are an inspirational person who has strength, creates order and connections, who values freedom.
    • Inspirational: you have a desire to be a really good parent, and to inspire your child by the way you live your life.
    • Strength: you have remarkable inner strength and power, and this helps you face your parenting challenges
    • Order: your formidable powers of organization, create certainty for your child. 
    • Connections: creating safe and strong connections with other parents is a valuable resource for you. 
    • Freedom: give yourself the freedom to say no when too much is asked of you.
  2. Self- care: Escape from responsibility. Take time away from anyone or anything that needs you. Give yourself space and time to recharge, to be the best parent you can be.
  3. Action: Focus on building strong foundations for relationships. Give yourself opportunities to feel safe with other people and to create meaningful connections. Creating positive relationships rather than feeling disconnected from other people is a big part of your life journey. You are powerful and free.  

Inspirational DarkPath parenting hazards: 

  1. Entitlement: You can sometimes feel entitled and demand that others obey you. You feel that you are the only one who sees what’s needed and you are certain that your opinions are right.
  2. Tolerance: You are intolerant and demand that others look up to you. When you aren’t obeyed, you complain that you get no support.

See below for more parenting insights into your own SolePath: are you an Inspirational Conformist, Inspirational Humanitarian, Inspirational Manager or Inspirational Teacher

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Inspirational Conformist parenting gifts and greatness

If you have an Inspirational Conformist LightPath, to be the best parent that you can be:

  1. Tradition: You love tradition, and your life is enriched by this. Immerse your child in rituals and celebrations and enjoy traditions that already exist, and then create your own new traditions and legacy with your child. 
  2. Honesty: You are very down to earth and have a great sense of right and wrong. You are a dependable straight talker who is responsible. It’s wonderful – your child will always know where you stand with you.
  3. Guidelines: You love to follow the rules. You understand that life flows more easily when everyone knows what’s expected of them, knows their duties, and operates within the guidelines. You create a safe structure within which you child can operate.

If you have a Inspirational Conformist DarkPath, to stay light and loving: 

  1. Stuck: Be careful of when building on what had gone before, keeps you stuck in the past. History, research and other resources are important, but so is innovation, forward thinking and change.
  2. Hurtful: You have the gift of open, frank and honest communication. You can see how this is a wonderful characteristic most of the time, but will sometimes get in the way of your relationships. Don’t be hurtful, it isn’t honesty, it is just a lack of empathy.
  3. Rigid: Change is a constant in life! Inspirational Conformist’s often can’t see how important flexibility is. You would be much happier if you were more adaptable rather than forcing others to follow the rules.

Inspirational Humanitarian parenting gifts and greatness

If you have an Inspirational Humanitarian LightPath, to be the best parent that you can be:

  1. Greater Good: As an Inspirational Humanitarian parent you have innate desire to help others and to right wrongs. You are always on the lookout for something or someone to help and will jump in to stand up for the weak and defend the downtrodden.
  2. Cause: An Inspirational Humanitarian needs to find a cause on which they can focus their formidable energy and effort. You need to be kept busy with positive interactions, tasks and activities. You need a cause that helps others, and this is crucial for your self-worth.
  3. Duty: You just want to do the right thing, for the right reasons. Take action to help others and take that your actions are making a difference to your child, your family, your home.

If you have a Inspirational Humanitarian DarkPath, to stay light and loving:

  1. Neglect: In your desire to work towards making a difference, don’t forget your loved ones and those closest to you. You have a tendency in your relationships to walk over others who don’t feel as strongly as you do and get in your way! Your child needs to be your most important cause.
  2. Overactive: You love to be busy, busy, busy – make sure you help to channel this energy in the right direction. Focus some of your energy on your family. Understand that you like to take action, not spend too much time planning or talking about things. 
  3. Frustration: Use tools to get rid of pent-up energy through sporting activities or getting outdoors. A punching bag works like a charm! 

Inspirational Manager parenting gifts and greatness

If you have an Inspirational Manager LightPath, to be the best parent that you can be:

  1. Achieve: As an Inspirational Manager parent you are someone who gets things done and makes things happen. Deep inside, you know that you are good at what you do – especially being a great parent.  
  2. Organize: You are at your best when you are organizing and supervising. You easily line things up, get everyone going in the same direction and make things happen. You need an organized life, with predictability, and an organized space which helps you feel safe.
  3. Plan: You spend a lot of time coming up with a plan. You just love to set up the steps to get to a goal.  

If you have an Inspirational Manager DarkPath, to stay light and loving:

  1. Dictatorial: Your ability to get things done is an incredible life skill, watch out that you don’t become too strong willed and dictatorial! You have a tendency towards perfectionism. Keep an eye out for this and go easy on your child. 
  2. Bossy: Mostly, you can get others to do what you want in a way that makes them feel good, but you can see how they could easily become bossy. This makes you unlikeable and difficult to be around. 
  3. Demanding: Having spent the time creating the plan, you expect others to get in line and comply. Inspire others, don’t order them around. You demand a lot from yourself and from others and sometimes forget that there is a nice way to do this.

Inspirational Teacher parenting gifts and greatness

If you have an Inspirational Teacher LightPath, to be the best parent that you can be:

  1. Communicate: As an Inspirational Teacher parent, communication is one of your great gifts. You help your child to understand. Practice speaking and listening and use this powerful gift to be of service and to inspire.
  2. Appeal: Inspirational Teacher’s are very likeable as they themselves genuinely like other people. You are always looking for the best in your child and you make them feel really good about themselves.
  3. Example: As an Inspirational Teacher you are willing to be an example to others. You teach your child by the way you live your life, by your example.

If you have an Inspirational Teacher DarkPath, to stay light and loving:

  1. Dismissive: Inspirational Teachers may use their powers of communication to dismiss and hurt others. Be cautious of choosing favourites and ostracizing others.
  2. Insecurity: Inspirational Teachers need to create safe, nurturing connections with others and this helps them overcome insecurity in their relationships. It gives them self-confidence and helps them feel powerful and free. 
  3. Put-down: You have a deep desire to do well; to do the right thing; to be a good person. Be aware of this. Recognize when you are being too hard on yourself and putting yourself down.

If you don’t yet know your or your child’s SolePath, click here to request it.

Author: Dr. Debra Ford Msc.D.

Dr. Debra is a spiritual philosophy teacher with a doctorate in metaphysical science. She is an ordained minister and member of the American metaphysical doctors association and the Canadian international metaphysical ministry. Dr. Debra’s SolePath is Inspirational Teacher and Spiritual Mystic. It is this SolePath that allows her to connect, create and communicate the SolePath body of work. She is the author of 16 books including ‘SolePath the path to purpose and a beautiful life, Daily Pulse, rhythm of the Tao and her children’s book ‘Emilia Rose and the rainbow adventure’.


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