As an inspirational manager the greatest gift that you share with us is your extraordinary ability to get things done. You make and implement plans and are a great organizer, supervisor, delegator and participant. You are very competent and proud of your abilities; a little strong willed and always on the go. You really know how to move things forward.

Your core energy as an inspirational manager is implementation and accomplishment. This core energy represents those positive core values deep within you that create an expansion of your energy; that create a positive outcome.

Being an inspirational manager means inspiring people and managing projects. You understand that people can’t be managed but need to be inspired to get things moving forward.

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Inspirationals are the world’s role models. You respond to the world by wanting to fill a perceived need. As an inspirational, you ask, “What does the world need and how can I provide it?” and “What do you need, and how can I help?”

You have an innate sense of responsibility to yourself, to others and to community, and look at what is needed by both individuals and the group at large. Inspirational SolePaths have the same role as the bones of the body; you provide the structure, the skeleton, the framework for society.

This does not mean that your own needs are lost in your desire to serve, but rather that through your personal learning and experience you feel great empathy with the needs of others and then take action. You inspire us by the way you live your own life and have a great capacity for getting things done to help others.

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