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Number energy for January – SoleNumber 5

The numbers of the Tao are called SoleNumbers. There is a Tao energy that is predominant on our planet each month and this Tao energy relates to one of the SoleNumbers. 

The energy of the month of January is closely aligned with that of SoleNumber 5 which is the energy of HEAVEN and EARTH.

In January the inward journey is bringing heaven to earth. The outward journey is giving and receiving support in life.

SoleNumber 5 shows up when you have perspective and understand the importance of both giving and receiving support; when you give help to others and are supported by people who willingly give you a helping hand. 

You can feel SoleNumber 5 within you when you are able to have perspective about the meaning of life; when your life has context; when you don’t sweat the small stuff.

Asian man helping friend to get up from ground. offering a helping hand.

The energy of numbers gives structure and language to your own unique life experience and personal growth opportunities. The energy of numbers gives order and direction for your life journey, what you are meant to be doing with your life, how you will do it and the impact you will have on others.

SoleNumbers has its foundation in the Tao. Each primary number, 1 to 9, relates to one of the natural Tao energies. The Tao brings awareness of original energy that is omnipotent and has been on our planet since the dawn of time. The Tao loosely translated means your path or life’s journey and through awareness, you can align your life and benefit from this natural Tao energy, bringing peace and happiness.

Each month of the year relates to a SoleNumber and gives us guidance and action to take. 

Your life journey in the month of January is:

  • Understanding both the unseen realm and the physical world.
  • Giving and receiving support in life.
  • Being an example to others through your connection and ability to live a fulfilled life.

The energy of SoleNumber 5 is part of your life on those days when you feel mighty and unrestricted. It is part of your life when you are in an active, doing mode that encourages expansive concepts and new beginnings. 

Your challenges in January:

  • Being disbelieving
  • Exhibiting a tendency towards self-pity and a feeling that no one cares
  • Feeling rejected and accepting suffering in life.

Best practices in January include:

  1. Processing information by taking the initiative, making decisions and being accountable. You learn when you try to do it for yourself. 
  2. You will thrive in an expansive environment where wild ideas and creativity are explored and celebrated. You easily start with the big picture and narrow it down to details.
  3. You love to be asked to help others, to help out and to support.

This month make a promise to:

  • Get physically active. Particularly with activities that engage your legs
  • Be your best, be an example to others by who you are and the way you live your life
  • Give and receive support in life
  • Live a balanced life. There is no need to accept suffering
  • Be who you are, exactly who you are. Don’t be changeable.
  • Don’t allow yourself to feel rejected

Align with the energy of SoleNumber 5 in January – to live your best life. To find purpose and joy.

Author: Dr. Debra Ford Msc.D. 

Dr. Debra is a spiritual philosophy teacher with a doctorate in metaphysical science. She is an ordained minister and member of the American metaphysical doctors association and the Canadian international metaphysical ministry. Dr. Debra’s SolePath is Inspirational Teacher and Spiritual Mystic. It is this SolePath that allows her to connect, create and communicate the SolePath body of work.

She is the author of many spiritual books including ‘SoleNumbers Book of Wisdom’,SolePath Book of Knowledge’, Daily Pulse, rhythm of the Tao and her latest children’s book ‘The Curious Cousins and the African Elephant Expedition’ .

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Grateful thanks to Dr. Janice Brown for the wonderful blog images and videos.


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