A radio interview with Dr. Janice Brown, on becoming a better parent to her children, Isabelle and Brianna.

Being a GREAT parent

An interview with Dr. Janice Brown on parenting and how to find tools that really help with communicating with her children. How to become a better parent to her children, to find more breathing room in the day-to-day challenges.

“Knowing my children’s SolePath really helps and changes the interaction between us all.”

Solving problems, understanding behaviour, feeling happier. SolePath and your children.

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low sun on mountain range in the Yukon

The Summer Solstice in the land of the midnight sun.

Expansion and Contraction

This time of the year is magical, growing up in the Yukon we called summer solstice, the longest day. But to our friends in the Southern Hemisphere it is just the opposite, it is the longest night. It’s all just a matter of perspective, you see things differently depending on where you are. Nature is amazing! Such a powerful demonstration of rhythm and flow for us. Do you embrace or resist your natural movement and need? What perspective are you looking at the world from? Are you allowing the natural pause of your personal energy?

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SolePath featured on NASDAQ MarketSite and in Times Square, New York.

SolePath media and publicity

In 2018 SolePath was featured on the NASDAQ MarketSite and in 2019 on billboards in Times Square, New York.

Dr. Debra Ford and Reverend Deneen Justason, at the helm of SolePath, have creatively dictated the company’s unique direction since day one. Their recent foray into online advertising, big location advertising (Times Square billboards) and planting themselves firmly within the global news cycle has all but cemented their place in the pantheon of powerful and forward thinking organizations determining the future in tandem.

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