New SoleHealing Spritzer (250ml)


New SoleHealing spritzer assists with overall wellbeing; leaving you feeling better, clear headed and calm. A subtle combination of rose water, rosewood and magnolia. You will love the healing and love the fragrance.


Our new SoleHealing spritzer clears feelings of anxiety and promotes emotional wellbeing, thereby helping you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and at peace. A quick spritzing around your body is all that is needed.

A large, 250ml beautiful and effective blend of rose water, rosewood and magnolia – this spritzer will quickly become your favourite.
Rose water is one of our most powerful β€˜clearing’ products and can be used to clear your personal energy – it is brings healing and balance to your skin.
Rosewood drives away sadness and disappointments. Assists as you take on life with a new and positive perspective.
Magnolia rejuvenates and stimulates essential functions in the body. It helps bring balance to nerves.

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