cape lavender natural hand purifier (250ml)


Apply to your hands: spray directly onto your hands and rub them together. Re-apply every 1-2 hours for maximum effect. This product is safe for children, but please keep out of reach and supervise its application.


We have grown cautious about using the chemical hand sanitizers offered but do believe that there are situations when an all natural hand sanitizer is much needed. From our cape lavender range, cape lavender natural home sanitizing spray contains high concentrations of essential oils. Mixed with sage for its cleansing, clearing and faintly euphoric gift it balances our cape lavender to make it very pleasant. Tea tree oil is added for its natural anti-bacterial properties. A delicate rose water fragrance used to ensure that our cape lavender natural hand sanitizing spray is non-toxic, non-sensitizing and non-irritating.  If you have a cut or sunburn skin or have sensitive skin, take care, apply to a small area (patch of skin) to test for an unlikely reaction.Our all – natural formula is made from organic and therapeutic oils and we feel it is so much safer.