Sleep kit


There is so much to be found within ourselves and in the field of energy, and this wisdom is accessible while we sleep.

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SolePath crystal: Natural quartz points have the ability to hold intention. Program your natural quartz with your SolePath ‘I Am…’ statement, place it next to your bed while you sleep and it will hold the energy of who you were born to be.
Essential oil: Lavender relaxes and encourages compassion
Rose water: The energy of rose assists with balance and harmony. Daily spritzing of bed linen with rose water clears away the energy that has been deposited and processed overnight. Pull your bed linen back each morning, spritz the sheets and pillow lightly. Make up your bed once the spritzing had dried
Cleansing incense: Pure incense creates a beautiful restful energy while space clearing and reaching even the furthest corners. Burn our pure, carefully selected incense daily.
Dead sea salt: The water of the bed sea produce amazing salt that is renowned for its healing properties. Place a small bowl of dead sea salt under your bed to absorb the energy that is processed overnight. Replace the salt in the bowl every three weeks.
Himalayan salt: Himalayan salt has 84 essential minerals that soothe and heal you while you bathe. A handful of this nourishing salt in a warm soothing bath will clear your energy field and provide an environment for well being.
Feng Shui crystals: glass faceted crystals, suspended from the ceiling or light fixture in the middle of a bedroom have the same effect on energy as a disco ball has on the light. When the energy-the stuck energy or the fast moving energy-hits the facets it is moved around the room creating balance.
Zone energy map: A zone energy map, depicting the foundation of the tao, the trigrams and creative energy of our universe, can be placed under your mattress to balance energy. The zone energy map is placed face up with red, me, myself and I zone, towards the head of the bed.
Feng Shui book: “In the Feng Shui Zone, good health, great relationships, abundant prosperity” by Dr.Debra Ford Msc.D. This is about using tried and tested ancient Chinese art and science to effect improvements in you life; and includes a nine step guide to getting your home and your life into the zone.


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