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Your child and the 22 SolePaths

This article is part of the SolePath Parenting series.

Charismatic ‘Sun’ Child | Compassionate ‘Moon’ Child | Inspirational ‘Cosmic’ Child
Intellectual ‘Star’ Child | Intuitive ‘Earth’ Child | Spiritual ‘Celestial’ Child

Who is your child born to be? What superpower did they choose? 

Sparkle, Love, Turbo Charge, Brain Power, Sixth Sense, Extrasensory Perception. 

What special gifts and greatness do they have? Which path will help them accomplish their life intention? What is your child’s SolePath?

SolePaths are determined through SolePath Institute energetic measurements and can be requested online, by donation

A Summary of the 22 possible SolePaths

Charismatic Sun Children:

The Superpower for Sun Children is Sparkle. This means that all Sun Children are charismatic and brave. They are sensitive and aware and can sense what is going on around them. They love to be challenged and grow through lifelong learning. They flourish when they are given a measure of independence and autonomy.

There are five Sun Children, each with unique, special gifts and greatness. 

  1. Adventurer – a Sun Child who is bold and has no fear of change; social and good with people: gets excited and is popular. This child’s core energy is loving the new and being at the cutting edge.
  2. Gladiator – a Sun Child who strives for excellence and being the best; a competitor who loves to show off their skills and is motivated by competition. This child’s core energy is excellence and raising the bar. 
  3. Influencer – a Sun Child who is persuasive and influences towards the greater good; a collaborator; one who has inner strength. This child’s core energy is encouraging collaboration and influencing for the greater good.
  4. Leader – a Sun Child who is a front-runner and shows others the way; magnetic and a born leader; one who is energetic and lively. This child’s core energy is leading others, sparkle and charisma. 
  5. Performer – a Sun Child who is an entertainer and loves the limelight; a star who feels the world is their stage; one who loves drama. This child’s core energy is performing, entertaining and being an extrovert.

Compassionate Moon Children:

The Superpower for Moon Children is Love. This means that all Moon Children are compassionate and confident. They have depth of character and are complicated. They love to feel empowered, and this helps them be decisive. Their gentleness should never be confused with weakness. 

There are three Moon Children, each with unique, special gifts and greatness. 

  1. Caretaker – a Moon Child who is popular and loves people; demonstrative with their affections; one who is tender and loves to see others happy. This child’s core energy is feeling compassion and loving people. 
  2. Facilitator – a Moon Child who is focused on building community and gathering loved ones around them; loves cultural and family traditions; one who is very loyal and sincere. This child’s core energy is their desire to be of service and love of their community. 
  3. Healer – a Moon Child who is restorative; being with them makes others feel better; an honourable person with a clear sense of right and wrong; one who has great patience. This child’s core energy is healing people, animals, or the planet, and fixing what is wrong. 

Inspirational Cosmic Children:

The Superpower for Cosmic Children is Turbo Charge. This means that all Cosmic Children are inspirational with great strength of character. They create order and are organized. They are learning to connect with others and have meaningful relationships. They get things done and value freedom.

There are four Cosmic Children, each with unique, special gifts and greatness.  

  1. Conformist – a Cosmic Child who honours tradition and builds on what has worked before; one who is honest and down to earth; one who loves to work within guidelines. This child’s core energy is valuing tradition and cultivating order.
  2. Humanitarian – a Cosmic Child who has an innate desire to work for the greater good and help others; a cause gives them a sense of self-worth; one who wants to do the right thing and carry out what they see as their duty. This child’s core energy is fulfilling their duty and taking action. 
  3. Manager – a Cosmic Child who is focused on achieving and making things happen; easily organizing and supervising; one who loves to plan. This child’s core energy is implementation and accomplishment. 
  4. Teacher – a Cosmic Child who is a great communicator; an appealing and likeable person; one who is willing to be an example to others. This child’s core energy is being a talented communicator and living an inspiring life. 

Intellectual Star Children:

The Superpower for Star Children is Brain Power. This means that all Star Children are intellectual with great curiosity about the world. They need to process and need time to think things through. They think in a unique and different way. Underneath it all, they are kind.

There are three Star Children, each with unique, special gifts and greatness. 

  1. Controller – a Star Child who just loves responsibility; with the desire to take charge and be the boss, one who is unemotional. This child’s core energy is their vision to see the future and establishing structure.
  2. Expert – a Star Child who is a specialist and wants to be the best; a researcher who loves to study and go deep into a subject; one who loves to contribute and share knowledge. This child’s core energy is fulfilling their desire to acquire knowledge and specialization in one or two fields. 
  3. Lateral Thinker – a Star Child who is a pure intellect and innovator; a natural problem-solver who finds solutions; one who loves to debate and take a different point of view. This child’s core energy is innovative thinking and original ideas. 

Intuitive Earth Children:

The Superpower for Earth Children is Sixth Sense. This means that all Earth Children are deeply intuitive. They are full of ideas which they love to share with others. They are positive, glass-half-full people who are playful and mischievous. They need strenuous physical activity.  

There are four Earth Children, each with unique, special gifts and greatness.

  1. Builder – an Earth Child who is full of practical ideas; loves to create community and gather people around them; one who is complex and can be emotional. This child’s core energy is seeing possibilities and creating abundance.
  2. Creator – an Earth Child who is perceptive and creative; full of beautiful ideas and understands the importance of beautiful experiences; one who is a gentle soul who can be sensitive. This child’s core energy is creating beauty and manifesting ideas. 
  3. Hunter – an Earth Child who is a truth seeker and wants to understand the answers; brave, one of life’s heroes; someone who feels really good about life when they are outdoors. This child’s core energy is generosity and seeking truth and answers.
  4. Solitude – an Earth Child with a wonderful imagination; a little different and perhaps eccentric, with high self-esteem; one who is often solitary and works well alone. This child’s core energy is imagination, quietness and contentment.

Spiritual Celestial Children:

The Superpower for Celestial Children is Extrasensory Perception. This means that all Celestial Children are spiritual observers, connected to ‘what you cannot see’. They are strong, steady, and wise and have perception beyond their years. They have faith and love mystical exploration. 

There are three Celestial Children, each with unique, special gifts and greatness.

  1. Balance – a Celestial Child who lives with non-resistance and does not struggle; creates balance in their own life and helps others find balance; one who is charming and good with people. This child’s core energy is going with the flow and living with grace.
  2. Mystic – a Celestial Child who enlightens and helps others understand the intangibles of life; has firm opinions and strong beliefs; one who has a deep need for quiet time alone. This child’s core energy is spirituality and connection.
  3. Warrior – a Celestial Child who is a champion and stands up and fights for what they believe in; committed with deep convictions; one who is resolute, passionate and feisty. This child’s core energy is integrity, dedication and psychic ability.

Who is your child born to be?

Author: Dr. Debra Ford Msc.D.

Dr. Debra is a spiritual philosophy teacher with a doctorate in metaphysical science. She is an ordained minister and member of the American metaphysical doctors association and the Canadian international metaphysical ministry. Dr. Debra’s SolePath is Inspirational Teacher and Spiritual Mystic. It is this SolePath that allows her to connect, create and communicate the SolePath body of work. She is the author of 16 books including ‘SolePath the path to purpose and a beautiful life, Daily Pulse, rhythm of the Tao and her children’s book ‘Emilia Rose and the rainbow adventure’.

Contact: DrDebra@SolePath.org

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