The nature of Intuitive SolePath children.

A child's SolePath

Children with an Intuitive SolePath are our Earth Children. They are fun and full. Our planet Earth is the planet of elementals, and Earth Children have farsighted intuition.

The superpower of the Earth Child is Sixth Sense. This means that they are an intuitive person, who is positive and playful, full of ideas and one who needs physical activity.

Knowing your child’s SolePath helps you uncover their learning style, thinking style, creative process, how they experience time, and their connection to the Tao.

All of this contributes to understanding your child at a deep level and helps you to become the best parent you can be, a parent who provides a happy, loving and nurturing environment.

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Intuitive SolePath parents live in the ‘fun zone’.

Being a GREAT parent

As an Intuitive parent, your parenting superpower is your Sixth Sense. You are an intuitive person, who is full of ideas, positive and playful and needs physical activity. Discover how these gifts and greatness can be used to help you be the best parent that you can be.

Intuitives are the gut reaction SolePaths. The four intuitive SolePaths are Intuitive Builder, Intuitive Creator, Intuitive Hunter and Intuitive Solitude.

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