Zone energy map


Zone Feng Shui is a technique for changing and improving the energy of your surroundings and it is all about creating an environment where you live and work in harmony and balance with your surroundings.

Place a zone energy map”
1. Under the mattress – face up with the red, Me, Myself & I Zone, towards the head of the bed.
2. Under your desk – face up with the red Me, Myself & I Zone, away from the office chair.
3. Under the drivers seat in your vehicle.

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A zone energy map, depicting the foundation of the tao, the trigrams and creative energy of our universe, balances energy.

Our Basic Zone Feng Shui online course is now available. Focus on your space using the tools and techniques of Zone Feng Shui. Create a space that nourishes you.

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bagua shaped 8 inch diameter


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