Essential Oil: Peppermint & Rosewood – Intuitive SolePath


Essential oils are extracted from plants. Their beauty and magic comes from the energy of the plants, trees, shrubs and flowers. Essential oils are a way for plants to share their healing and cleansing energy with us.

Peppermint revives and lifts energy. When Intuitives use peppermint they feel a zest for life and know that life is what they make of it. Peppermint adds fun and creative inspiration.


Peppermint & Rosewood – the essential oil for the Intuitive SolePath.

In Feng Shui, this essential oil resonates with the Fun & Creativity zone, and the lake trigram.

Add 6 to 9 drops to a spritzer bottle filled with filtered water. Lightly spritz around the space. The water revitalizes the space and the essential oil adds the energy of the plant.

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