“Knowing your Pets Energetic Personality Imprint is a wonderful way to understand the most joyful way in which you can live, love and play together.” Dr. Debra

Cool Intellectual personality picture.

Animals with a Cool Intellectual personality are curious and connected.

Your Cool Intellectual pet is very curious, takes time to process instructions and has an interesting and unique personality.


Your Cool Intellectual animals mind is churning all the time; they are so very curious about everything. Celebrate their curiosity and keep them busy with positive activities so that it doesn’t turn into negative behaviour.

Cool Intellectual animals are always thinking and sometimes this is simply exhausting – even for them. They usually love looking out of the window or watching other animals and this distracts them and gives their mind a break.


Give your Cool Intellectual animal time to respond to your commands and make sure that your communication is very clear. They are independent thinkers who will come up with their own set of rules if your guidelines aren’t clear.

Allow your Cool Intellectual animal to go through their thinking process. It’s important to note that they are deeply affected by your tone. A command given in a kind tone is likely to be responded to more quickly than when a negative or harsh tone is used.


Your Cool Intellectual animal is unique and different, and this makes them a very interesting and complicated pet. Provide a space that celebrates their eccentricity. They are smart, they don’t need too much restriction, and when you are kind, they respond and are a contributing member of your family.

Your Cool Intellectual animal can sometimes be quite independent and aloof. They can take time to warm up to strangers and might be less trusting when meeting others for the first time. They just need space and don’t always enjoy physical closeness. They want to be left alone when they are feeling prickly.

Wellness and your Cool Intellectual pet:

There are secrets to your animals body and health that are unique to them as a Cool Intellectual.

Metaphysical umbilicus:

This is a place on their body that connects them directly with their inner wisdom. The metaphysical umbilicus for your Cool Intellectual is their pineal gland (shaped like a tiny pinecone, in the middle of their brain, from front to back and side to side). When you put your focus and attention on their pineal gland, it’s just like running an invisible umbilical cord up to their inner wisdom, connecting them to that wisdom and helping them feel curious and connected.

It is very soothing for your animal if you gently massage the top of their head.

Health sensitivity:

Each of the Personality Pictures has a health sensitivity. This is not to say that they will experience ill health in this area, but rather that it is a possible predisposition and something to keep an eye on. If symptoms show up, speak with your pet health-care provider.

For your Cool Intellectual, their health sensitivity is their nervous system; their brain, spinal cord and nerves.


Calming rejuvenation for your Cool Intellectual animal is a vacation from their busy brain. Whenever they are having a meltdown, they can be calmed with a calm voice; also soft, relaxing music. A peaceful environment, low on stress, really supports your Cool Intellectual.

Five senses:

Of the five senses, the most powerful one for your Cool Intellectual animal is sound.


Compared to humans, all animals have acute hearing, and your Cool Intellectual has an even greater sensitivity to sound. They love to listen to your soothing voice and calm, soft music. They can be very disturbed by anything discordant or noisy, and this includes sharp sounds, jarring music or loud voices. They are very sensitive to tone.

It’s important to note that the ear regulates their sense of balance, equilibrium and well-being.

Matching vibration:

There are certain physical items that have the same energy as your Cool Intellectual animal. Things that vibrate at their wavelength, provide a wonderful, positive addition throughout their life.


One of your Cool Intellectual animals favourite colours is purple, any shade of purple. Darker colours have a softer vibration than lighter colours. Purple commands attention and respect, and it stimulates the mind. Purple can be introduced in bedding and accessories.


The gemstone for your Cool Intellectual animal is amethyst. This gemstone brings good fortune. It clears energy and promotes clear thinking. Gemstones may be placed on their body or near their bedding.

Training and your Cool Intellectual:

Knowing your animals Energetic Personality Imprint contributes to understanding them at a deep level and helps you to become the best caregiver that you can be; a caregiver who provides a happy, loving and nurturing environment. Understanding their learning style helps make training a positive experience for both you and your animal.

Learning style: auditory learner

Your Cool Intellectual animal processes information primarily through hearing. They will respond particularly well to clearly communicated verbal commands. They just love to listen. Remember that they are sensitive to tone and will be distracted by a tone that is severe and disagreeable. Your Cool Intellectual is very intelligent, give them time to understand.

 It’s a Cool Intellectual pets life!


Add to the quality of your pet’s life with healthy treats and rewards. Here are the clues to their fundamental motivation:

Cool Intellectual animals exist to please themselves but will please you to get what they want. They are complicated animals who are very intriguing and smart.


All pets love to be touched and comforted. Here is the best way to fulfil that need for your cherished pet:

Cool Intellectuals love to be touched but will control and initiate how and when that occurs. They allow touching and caressing in their own way, on their own terms.


Spending quality time with your animal is essential and can be as much fun for you as for them:

Cool Intellectuals must have mental stimulation and they love to solve puzzles and exercise their minds.


Pets need rest, relaxation and sleep and here is the best way to provide that support and care:

Cool Intellectuals need to be left alone, unless they come to you for interaction. They will respond poorly to being woken from sleep.


While natural whole foods are best for most pets, here are some other suggestions for meal times:

Cool Intellectuals will create their own routine and distinct habits around feeding. They thrive when that feeding routine is undisturbed.


As a general rule, animals love routine because it lets them know what to expect and what to look forward to. Within a consistent time to eat and exercise, here are some further suggestions:

Cool Intellectuals will establish their own routine and comfort zone. They are essentially creatures of habit. Pay attention to those habits and create a life where your Cool Intellectual feels comfortable.


Our animals generally reflect back to us what is going on in our lives, and if there is unhappiness:

Cool Intellectuals will withdraw into themselves.

“Joyfully interacting with your animals is as good as a deep meditation.” Dr. Debra

Knowing your animals Energetic Personality Imprint makes it possible for a joyful interaction for the animal and for you, the caregiver. Your pets life is made as joyful as possible and in return they are able to make your life and the lives of all they live with, joyful too. Animals contribute to life in so many ways and the Pet Energetic Personality Imprint helps you appreciate the unspoken emotional and physical needs of your animal.

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