Cool intellectual PEPI pet energetic personality imprint

Knowing your animal’s SolePath PEPI is a wonderful way to understand the most joyful way in which you can live, love and play together.

For people, SolePath is who you are born to be. It is your guide to a beautiful life, filled with happiness, peace, joy, love, purpose, meaning. For your pets, SolePath is a little different. It is how they interact with you in an individual, predetermined and predictable way; it is their ‘pet energetic personality imprint’, their PEPI.

Every animal has a connecting spiritual SolePath; every animal is a spiritual guide. An animal’s connecting spiritual PEPI is braided with two other PEPI’s; the emotional charismatic, the caring compassionate, the responsible inspirational, the cool intellectual or the physical intuitive. This braid is their own unique PEPI, their special pet energetic personality imprint, and is what makes them the unique creatures that they are.

Below is a list of the primary characteristics of the connecting spiritual PEPI that all animals share.

Connecting spiritual PEPI characteristics

Love to listen
Will communicate back
Love time connecting
Are connected to invisible energy
Understanding and supportive
Very aware, may spend time looking into the air around them
Love to hear you talk

And these are the characteristics unique to the cool intellectual.

Cool intellectual PEPI characteristics

Loves words
Enjoy soothing sounds like soft music
Need time to figure things out
Need time to respond
Independent and determined
Want to be left alone and not bothered when feeling prickly
Complicated and interesting


Add to the quality of your pet’s life with healthy treats and rewards. Here are clues to their fundamental motivation.
Cool intellectuals exist to please themselves but will please you to get what they want. They are complicated animals who are very intriguing and smart and will challenge you to be in your LightPaths.

Tiger the counting horse


All pets love to be touched and comforted. And here is the best way to fill that need for each unique beloved animal.
Cool intellectuals love to be touched, but will control and initiate how and when that occurs. They allow touching and caressing in their own way, on their own terms.


Spending quality time with your pets is essential and can be so much fun for both them and you, their caregiver.
Cool intellectuals must have mental stimulation and they love to solve puzzles and exercise their minds.


Pets need rest, relaxation and sleep and here is the best way to provide that support and care.
Cool intellectuals need to be left alone, unless they actively come to you for interaction. They will respond poorly to being woken from sleep.


While natural whole foods are best for most pets, here are some other suggestions to make food more interesting and joyful.
Cool intellectuals will create their own routine and distinct habits around feeding. They thrive when that feeding routine is undisturbed.


As a general rule, pets love routine because it lets them know what to expect and what to look forward to. Within a consistent time to eat and exercise, here are some suggestions.
Cool intellectuals will establish their own routine and comfort zone. Cool intellectual animals are essentially creatures of habit. Pay attention to what their habits are and create a life where they can enjoy them.


Pets generally reflect back to us what is going on in our own lives and if there is unhappiness …
Cool intellectuals will withdraw into themselves.

Joyfully interacting with your animal is as good as a deep meditation

When you know PEPI

Knowing your pet’s energetic personality profile (PEPI) enables a joyful interaction for the animal and for you, the caregiver. Your pet’s life is made as joyful as possible and in return they are able to make your life and the lives of all they live with joyful too. Animals contribute to your life in so many ways and SolePath PEPI provides insights allowing you to respond to their energetic needs.

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