Connecting to non-physical

June 2006. I was standing directly in front of a closed door with the dark passageway spreading out to my left and my right. I was standing still and looking up at the very wide and very tall door. Out of the corner of my eye, to my left, I saw a young man in a white tunic and pale blue skirt leaning with his back up against the wall of the corridor. He stood on one leg with his other knee bent and the sole of his right foot up against the wall. He had curly blonde hair, was slim, early thirties, and seemed relaxed resting up against the wall. He turned his head to me and said “What kept you so long? We have been waiting.” He signaled for me to open the door. I did not.

September 2006. Once again, I was in the dark passageway outside the door. He was there and as if it was the most natural thing in the world, opened the door for me and we walked through together. His chatty cheerfulness seemed to be a deliberate distraction although all I could hear was sound coming out of his mouth, no distinct words.

He stood really close by as if to reassure me and then clearly said “here we go!” I squinted up my eyes and replied “I can’t see anything, it is too bright.” With calm encouragement and making sure I could feel him standing next to me, he whispered “wait just a minute”. My eyes got used to the brightness and slowly focused. We were in a long white corridor with tall white doors down either side; very tall doors with round doorknobs; about six or eight doors on either side of the corridor, all them closed. The doors on the left attracted me more.

The corridor was filled with bright white light. Brightness everywhere, not coming from light fixtures but seeming to be all around and everywhere, no shadows. White walls, white doors, white door knobs, white flooring and all of this leading up a slight incline to a commanding white building at the top of the rise. Huge sweeping steps, also white, led up to the building which had columns on either side of the entrance. It was roman or greek looking, imposing, majestic, beautiful.

As we stood at the beginning of the white corridor, he said “this is where we are now; at the beginning; be positive; enjoy this unfolding; I am with you for the whole journey.” And so began my journey with Peter my first non-physical guide, the weird mystical journey of my life that has resulted in the manifesting of the original body of work called SolePath.

Council of seven

SolePath is the work of my council of seven.

I was first introduced to them during surgery in August 2006. While under anesthetic I saw a group of beings standing behind the surgeon; one was larger than the others who were grouped around him. I had only just met Peter in the June of that year, but he seemed part of the group and comfortable around them, so I decided that I would feel safe too.

They looked a little like the expected version of an alien with the large sloping eyes, oval faces and white or light grey wispy bodies. I felt very loved and watched over by them and remembered them vividly when the surgery anesthetic wore off.

I saw them as light energies, not too scary or real looking, just intangible enough to make them seem other wordly. Back then, I didn’t know if they had a purpose in my life, but I loved seeing them even without understanding who they were or what they were doing.

Three years later, in 2009 the SolePath body of work was downloaded, I learned later that it is a teaching from them, my council of seven.

Seth and Jane

In June 2011 a different guide arrived. She told me that her name is Jane and unlike the council of seven she appears in a physical body as a woman, except that unlike Peter, she is bigger than a normal size person. She is older than I am and is always sitting in an armchair; has a wise matriarchal energy and mostly peers at me over the top of her reading glasses.

At first I was thoroughly intimidated by her, she seemed so stern, so big, so real, so human. I was more used to my non-physical companions having a wispier look, like my council; or being kinder, gentler and more compassionate, like Peter. She was just there, in her chair, in my bedroom not saying anything.

One day, out of the blue, Jane told me that we would be working together on SolePath and right from that beginning my interactions with her were very different. With my council of seven the communication is so subtle, I feel that I am interpreting what I imagine they are saying, I spend many contented hours mulling over what it is we are conversing on, and I love the ambiguity.

With Jane it is the same as having a conversation with a live person. I say something and she answers me right back, I don’t have to interpret and boy can she be direct. It began with thoughts in my head, I thought the question and received the thought answer right back.

In September 2011 Jane introduced me to Seth. He too presented himself as a very human looking male, he is also big and just stood there, behind Jane’s chair, quietly for four months. They were very relaxed together and I just got used to his presence, to him always being there. He never said anything and I never asked what he was doing there; it just felt okay.

Two weeks after another surgery in January 2012, coincidentally from the same surgeon, Seth and Jane started speaking with me. Beginning February 10, 2012, night after night I would wake up around 3am and feel compelled to sit with my notepad and pen asking questions and writing down answers from Seth and Jane. My husband John would know that I had been up for hours each night as he would find the notebook open to the page on the dining room table when he woke in the morning.

Seth and Jane started providing guidance on expanding the SolePath body of work, they answered questions about business strategy and provided personal relationship and health guidance.

It became an easy and familiar pattern, I wrote down my question and clearly heard their answer. In my head, I could hear the difference in their voices and knew when it was Seth answering or when Jane was speaking.

This writing was a process that I was very comfortable with. I was not comfortable with becoming what others label as a channeler; it felt scary, egotistical, decidedly weird and I just felt unsafe. I was also slowly learning who Seth and Jane were, from the 1970’s, and that also made me nervous.

I had heard of Seth and Jane once before, a brief mention at an Abraham-Hicks conference John and I had attended, and had not read more than a snippet of their earlier work. My repeated lament was, why couldn’t you be some other guides, guides who are equally wise, but not so well known.

A friend showed me the beautiful portrait of Seth painted in the 70’s and I didn’t recognize him at all, it is not how I see him. Jane doesn’t look like her photographs either; she looks like judy dench to me. In the beginning that is how I would describe her; ‘judy dench is peering at me over her glasses again’. Seth has darker hair, he is swarthy, slim and early fifties I would say. Handsome in an experienced older guy kind of way. I think he loves the look, very attractive, but am not sure he likes his dress style, he wears roman looking robes, comfortable but not very sexy.

Little did I know that this writing was just a short step away from becoming the voice for Seth, from speaking his words as he urges us to service using our SolePaths gifts.

My dear friend Deneen arrived at our home one day and said, ‘I want to speak with Seth’. No problem, I would do what I always did, write down her questions and that night at the predictable 3am, receive the answers for her. That was not what she meant. She sat me down, turned on the computer audio recording and I said, “it’s Thursday May 24, 2012 and this is a live download, the first live download from Seth” and so it began.

I am not consciously present when I speak for Seth. Rather I am certainly present and sitting there with my eyes closed, but I don’t usually remember more than a few ideas of what he has said. If the download is for SolePath or for my family, I listen to the recording afterwards to hear the guidance.

When Seth speaks, he often says, she can’t find my word; and indeed most of the time he gives me the general concept using lots of visual images and I try to put what he is wanting to communicate into coherent English. He does correct me if I don’t get it right and sometimes we go around and around until he is satisfied.

I distinctly remember him showing me a leaf one day and wanting me to tell the mother of a young son that he needed a higher dosage of echinacea. It certainly took time for me to connect to that one.

One client who came to speak with Seth asked him if he would like a cigar and a stiff drink during her session. Seth said that Jane had obliged him when he spoke through her, but that I was not likely to. I must be a lot more uptight than Jane and we have taken time, Seth and I, finding our way to a comfortable relationship.

Seth is completely single minded; underneath all that he speaks of, he is urging us to service. Sometimes he is kind, sometimes he uses tough love, and sometimes he says things that I would never say.

I have been told expressly by him that I cannot censor his words and when I listen back to the recordings I can say that on a few occasions I have been mortified by his direct approach.

Jane is different, I have not as yet become her ‘voice’ and I don’t know if I ever will; she has not said that she wants this.

One thing, I am really good at doing is trusting the guidance, doing what is asked of me, and this book was written as fast and as easily as the sacred SolePaths were downloaded back in 2009. One week for the writing, another few for the editing and here it is. Trust.

Seth and Jane play an integral part in guiding the SolePath work and I have subsequently learned that both Jane and I are part of the council of seven. I have also learned that Seth is engaged with others, assisting them with their metaphysical work on our planet. His primary focus is guiding us to service.

2012 and 2013 have been a time of major energetic shift on our planet and we have also, since the taurus solar eclipse in may 2013, completed a major 19-year cycle. Not only are we individually examining old values that no longer serve us but we are also changing the paradigm of our world; the energy on the planet is supporting your great truth, the world is ready.


Seth message:

John and Dr. Debra’s daughter, Elizabeth and exit points

Our life plan contains exit points, those moments when we can choose to go home, back to our soul community. The number of exit points we write into our plan is a purely individual choice and I am sure as you think back over your life you can recall those close shaves, those times when you know you could have died. Exit points may manifest as near misses in accidents, serious health issues where you healed yourself and in a myriad other ways. They are lifelines for when we can go back home to our soul community where we are loved, nurtured and completely safe.

When in vitro, during pregnancy, we usually create frequent exit points as we are sampling, testing and settling into being an expanded energy in a confined physical body. This explains why there are so many miscarriages. Souls are coming into a body, figuratively taking it for a test drive and going home if they desire. John and I had two miscarriages and I know the depth of grief felt when the baby you have yearned for dies, but it makes it easier for me to understand that I was providing another perfect, eternal soul the opportunity to have their experience. I know that when I created my plan this was an experience that we agreed to, my babies and I.

One of our miscarriages was late in the pregnancy and in 1984 our daughter Elizabeth decided not to be born. I have subsequently learned that her work, as a non-physical guide, is shepherding souls as they take up residence in a body. Loving them, counseling them as they get used to these confines and bringing them back home to their non-physical community if they need to.

Elizabeth needed to experience a pregnancy herself to help her with her soul purpose of assisting souls coming into physical form, and John and I, as her parents, agreed to participate in that experience with her. Elizabeth has taught us that it is much more difficult for a soul to move into the confines of a physical body than to leave at the point of death and go back home to those who love us.

Why we have guides

Who are my guides?

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