Dr. Debra tells the story of the origins of SolePath …

My joy comes from exploring what I call the five fundamental questions of life. Who am I? What am I doing here? Who will I be in relation to what is going on around me? Where do I come from? Where am I going?

My spiritual mystic had spent many years joyfully searching for the answers to these fundamental questions of life and in the process, to engage my inspirational teacher, I was awarded my doctorate in metaphysical counseling in September 2007. I loved my clients and put my heart and soul into teaching what I had learned during my metaphysical explorations.

During the first session intake for each new client I would ask why they had come to see me. Nine times out of ten the answer would be, “I am lost. I don’t know who I am. I don’t know what my life is all about”. We would spend our sessions working on these fundamental questions of life, learning metaphysical tools and working on creating their life of joy. After six months, it was my normal practice to complete an updated evaluation and when I asked what we needed to work on, the answer would often be the same ‘I don’t know who I am, I don’t know what I am doing, my life has no meaning’.

I knew that there was something missing from the counseling. Although I had a busy practice, my clients did not seem to be making any real progress in their lives. They would leave my office feeling ready to take on their life and then return for their next session on their hands and knees; never seeming to move forward towards creating a meaningful life filled with real joy, peace and contentment.
My dark compassionate healer became thoroughly engaged, I just couldn’t seem to heal and fix my clients and along with deep frustration, I also became very despondent and fatigued.

As a means of escape and rejuvenation I attended a week long meditation intensive at the monroe institute in virginia, usa. An extraordinary experience called gateway voyage during which I spent hours and hours each day connecting with my guides and exploring the metaphysical.

The gateway voyage is a journey of spiritual exploring that gave structure to what was an unfocused and meandering process for me. I became familiar with how to connect directly with Peter and my council of seven in a mind awake and body asleep state. I visited the place where all non-physical guides are found, a state that monroe calls expanded awareness. I explored past and future lives as they showed me how to expand beyond time, in a place of no time and of all time.

Monroe gateway gave me focus and structure for my spiritual exploring and enhanced my ability to connect to the wisdom of non-physical. I found that images came more easily and I trusted and developed a better way to interpret what I was connecting to and seeing. I became and still am a hemi-sync junkie.

It was about two months after my visit to the monroe institute that John and I were hosting hemi-sync meditation evenings in our home. Before each session I would ask participants to write their intention for their evening meditation. On June 24, 2009, after a particularly frustrating day in my counseling room, I wrote in my meditation journal “WHO AM I ?!?”, capital letters and many exclamation marks. I was completely defeated by my apparent inability to help my clients’ answer that question and make any real and lasting progress towards creating their meaningful life.

I relaxed into my meditation and imagine my surprise when I received the answer. It certainly wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that I was shocked by the clarity that this answer gave me.

I love living my life in the grey areas, in the space where there are no concrete answers, in the pause between the in and out breath. Yet here was black and white clarity about who I was born to be and I loved it.

I also learned during this meditation that everyone could receive this same clarity; we could all know this answer. When we decide to come to earth and have a physical life incarnation, we have a plan, there is a path that our soul wants to walk, a path that will provide us with the life experience our perfect eternal soul intended, a path that guides us to purpose and a meaningful life. And we can know what this is.

From the next day, my birthday, June 25, 2009, I sat down at my computer and wrote blindly for two weeks. At the end of each day I would say to John, ‘I don’t know what I am writing’ but with his encouragement I kept writing for hours each day and the 22 SolePaths were downloaded. I knew that this work wasn’t mine as I was writing about things that I had not studied, read about or heard about before.

I do state that I am the creator of SolePath because I haven’t found a better way to say it, but SolePath simply flowed through me. As a spiritual mystic I have the gift to hear and as an inspirational teacher I have the gift of being able to communicate what I have heard. I chose the perfect SolePath in my plan to make the manifestation of SolePath possible.

In subsequent meditations I learned that SolePath is a gift from my non-physical guides, my council of seven. SolePath was made manifest because we are ready. SolePath was made manifest because it is time for us to gain clarity around the fundamental questions of life. SolePath was made manifest so that we can get on purpose and ask ‘how may we serve’ to make a difference to our world.
SolePath was made manifest so that each of us can reach for the great truth that is within us.

Since 2009, working with John, the SolePath body of work has been developed and expanded. The sacred downloaded information includes the 22 LightPaths, 22 DarkPaths and 6 categories. SolePath is a body of work that is growing and changing and the only constant is the sacred downloaded information for the LightPaths, DarkPaths and categories. I have left strict instructions for those who will continue the work after I go home, that all may be improved, edited, worked on – except this.

The writings for each of the 22 SolePaths are so multilayered, with so many levels of understanding that I think it could only have come from a non-physical source. All of us who work with these 22 LightPaths and DarkPaths daily, are constantly surprised by the new understandings that come each time we read the teachings.

The first reading brings an initial understanding; the second reading reaches into a different layer; the third reading goes even deeper; new understandings revealed as we are ready to hear and receive and integrate our gifts and greatness into our own lives.

We have been given guidance on how to accurately complete a SolePath energy analysis using dowsing and carefully selecting and training those who have this extraordinary gift of connecting for this information.

We have created a mentoring process that helps with understanding and integrating your personal SolePath into your life so that you can walk your unique path to a beautiful, meaningful life filled with purpose.