Who is your Sun Child? With the SoleNumber 1

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Children with a SoleNumber 1 are our Sun Children, and they are bright and aware. The Sun is a star around which the planets revolve, and Sun Children have a way of being dazzling and the centre of attention. 

The superpower of the Sun Child is Sparkle. This means that they are a charismatic person who is brave, sensing, always growing and independent.


Your Sun Child is captivating. Your child attracts attention, and they bring light and brightness to life.

In the same way that even a small candle can light up a big space, your Sun Child adds sparkle to the world. They are naturally likeable, and others are drawn to them. But they can also choose to snuff out their light and create darkness. Fear is the cause of inappropriate behaviour, and when your child goes dark and feels fearful, they can lash out, explode, or be volatile.

Sun Children are bright and aware. Your child is learning to manage their big, bright energy, and they are learning to understand the positive and negative impact it has on them and on others.


Courage is a Sun Child characteristic that allows your child to face difficulties without fear. Courage helps them be brave, to grow, to be bold, to be great.

Your child is learning to test boundaries, develop new skills and gain life experience. Find safe ways to allow them to be fearless, to develop and to experience their courage. 

With courage, Sun Children can try new things, strive for excellence, collaborate, lead from the front and take centre stage. Always saying ‘no’, ‘stop’, ‘caution’ and â€˜careful’ instills fear. Support their bravery, which helps your child shine their bright, beautiful light.


Your Sun Child is very aware and sensitive. Their awareness makes them a wonderfully understanding child, sibling, and friend.

They sense what is going on around them and then reflect it back. If they feel tension in others, they will take it on and reflect it back. They can sense your unhappiness; they may even feel responsible when you aren’t feeling happy; they could even take on your unhappiness.

The awareness of your Sun Child makes them sensitive to both the energy of other people and the energy of their environment. Encourage them to share this with you. 


Your Sun Child seeks to better themself and this sets them apart as a person. This desire to improve allows them to go from good to great and sets them up for success in their life.  

Encourage the lifelong joy of learning that is within your Sun Child. Expose them to interesting and engaging material. Challenge them on their journey of personal growth and self-improvement.


Your Sun Child’s independence, their ability to exist with a sense of freedom from external controls, is vital.

As a child, it can be difficult to find autonomy and assert your independence, and this could perhaps manifest as a perceived selfishness â€“ an inability to take the needs of others into consideration.

Guide them to independence with age-appropriate responsibilities. For example, have your Sun Child participate in creating their own routine, structure and boundaries. Because they have a natural predisposition to push back against rules, work together with your child to create boundaries that they will buy into. 

Their Sparkle superpower is how your child interacts with the world. You have learned that they are a charismatic person who is brave, sensing, always growing and independent.

Charismatic * Brave * Sensing * Growing * Independent

Charismatic Sun Child

Knowing this, contributes to understanding your child at a deep level, and helps you to become the best parent you can be. A parent who provides a happy, loving and nurturing environment.

The day that you were born is a remarkable day and there is an energy that is carried forward into your life. Your SoleNumbers help guide you in life and contain remarkable insights into what drives you and what makes you great.

You can work out your Governing SoleNumber and your Next Best Step SoleNumber, using the formulas in the first SoleNumbers blog. Your birthdate actually gives you 11 SoleNumbers and these can be discovered by requesting your SoleNumbers report here. You can receive your SoleNumbers report by donation.

Author: Dr. Debra Ford Msc.D.

Dr. Debra is one of the world’s foremost experts in metaphysical energy. She has a doctorate in metaphysical science and is a metaphysical philosophy teacher. She is an ordained minister and member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association and the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry.

Dr. Debra’s SolePath is Inspirational Teacher and Spiritual Mystic. It is this SolePath that allows her to connect, create and communicate the original SolePath body of work.

Dr. Debra’s work is based on the Tao. She is the author of 17 books including ‘SolePath the path to purpose and a beautiful life, Daily Pulse, rhythm of the Tao and her children’s book ‘Emilia Rose and the rainbow adventure’.

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