Who is your Compassionate Healer Child?

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Children with a Compassionate SolePath are our Moon Children, and they are confident and deep. The moon amplifies emotions, and Moon Children have hearts with a great capacity for love. 

The Superpower of the Moon Child is Love. This means that they are a compassionate person, who has confidence and depth and is empowered and gentle.

This Love superpower is how your child interacts with the world.

Who is the Healer?

They also have a path connected to this superpower, which describes your child’s special and unique gifts and greatness. The paths with Love superpower are Caretaker, Facilitator and Healer.

Special gifts and greatness of the Healer Moon Child: restorative person who values honour and has patience.


Your Healer Moon Child makes others feel better. In their life they will be on the lookout for things (plants, animals, people) to fix and they instinctively know how to fix what is broken. It could be an unhappy sibling, a frustrated parent, or even a lonely pet. Sometimes there is just too much that needs fixing and requires their attention, and your Healer Moon Child can become quite overwhelmed. 

Knowing how to make others feel better is an incredible life skill. Support their gift of knowing how to fix things.

Keep an eye out for when they are healing what doesn’t need to be healed, like when they become interfering and need to learn to respect boundaries. Be cautious, as their parent, of relying too much on your Healer Moon Child to make you feel better. It is not their job to fix what is wrong in your life. 


Your Healer Moon Child has a very clear sense of right and wrong, and they follow their heart, not their head. This honour makes them vulnerable to judgement from others who may feel threatened by them. 

Your Healer Moon Child’s confidence helps them feel accepted. Their open heart helps them to feel positive. They are a ‘cup half full’ child. 


Your Healer Moon Child is usually calm and composed and open to new ideas. They work well alone, and also with others. They connect with others in a loving way, and this gives them great patience.

Although patient with others, your Healer Moon Child is very unsettled by disharmony in their own life and puts a great deal of effort into having things run smoothly. This can manifest negatively as â€˜people pleasing’ and sometimes as a â€˜victim mentality’.

Your Healer Moon Child in a nutshell:

Restorative * Honour * Patience

Superpower: Love

Compassionate * Confidence * Depth * Empowered * Gentle

Healer moon Child

Knowing this, contributes to understanding your child at a deep level, and helps you to become the best parent you can be. A parent who provides a happy, loving and nurturing environment.

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Author: Dr. Debra Ford Msc.D.

Dr. Debra is a spiritual philosophy teacher with a doctorate in metaphysical science. She is an ordained minister and member of the American metaphysical doctors association and the Canadian international metaphysical ministry. Dr. Debra’s SolePath is Inspirational Teacher and Spiritual Mystic. It is this SolePath that allows her to connect, create and communicate the SolePath body of work. She is the author of 16 books including ‘SolePath the path to purpose and a beautiful life, Daily Pulse, rhythm of the Tao and her children’s book ‘Emilia Rose and the rainbow adventure’.

Contact: DrDebra@SolePath.org

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