A letter from Dr. Debra about parenting

A child's SolePath

Dr. Debra wrote a book of SolePath parenting insights for her own sons to be the best parents that they can be for her precious granddaughters. Now, she has done the same for you!

Parenting is both rewarding and challenging and parenting during the pandemic has brought its own unique difficulties. SolePath can really, really help! There is a way for you to be in your LightPaths and to be the best, most loving parent that you can be. And to choose away from your DarkPath and avoid upheavals and difficulties.

Depending on your SolePath, you have parenting superpowers! There are ways for you to be great, things you can do to take care of your child and yourself, guidelines on how to be a superhero parent.

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Compassionate SolePath parents nourish their children with their big heart.

Being a GREAT parent

As a Compassionate parent, your parenting superpower is Love. You are a compassionate person, who has confidence and depth, is empowered and gentle. Discover how these gifts and greatness can be used to help you be the best parent that you can be.

Compassionates are the world’s most loving people. The three Compassionate SolePaths are Compassionate Caretaker, Compassionate Facilitator and Compassionate Healer.

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